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“England’s Play Style Differs, Not Hard to Defeat: Ravindra Jadeja”

India"England's Play Style Differs, Not Hard to Defeat: Ravindra Jadeja"

India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja expressed his perspective on Wednesday, stating that England isn’t a particularly formidable opponent, and India simply needs to acclimate to their highly aggressive style of play to secure victory in the ongoing five-match Test series.

Following England’s surprising victory in the series opener in Hyderabad, India rallied back strongly in Visakhapatnam to level the series. As the third Test is set to commence on Thursday, Jadeja shared his insights on England’s playing style during the pre-match press conference.

“I wouldn’t characterize England as one of the toughest teams. Historically, it hasn’t been easy for visiting teams to secure victories in India. However, England adopts an aggressive approach to their game. It’s imperative for us to adapt to their strategy and devise our plans accordingly,” remarked Jadeja.

Reflecting on India’s loss in the first Test, Jadeja emphasized, “If not for some minor errors in the second innings of the first Test, we wouldn’t have faced defeat.” The player, who missed the second Test due to a hamstring injury, also discussed the challenges of managing injuries amidst the demanding cricket schedule.

“It can be frustrating, but with the increasing intensity of cricket nowadays, it’s always a concern. I’m constantly exposed on the field, and the ball often comes my way, increasing the likelihood of injuries. While there’s an expectation for me to excel in fielding, I need to prioritize my body’s well-being and take smart precautions,” Jadeja explained.

He further outlined his approach to injury prevention, stating, “I aim to give my best while being mindful of minimizing unnecessary risks, such as avoiding unnecessary dives. Although there are no guarantees, I’ve experienced returning from injuries before. As the match progresses, my body adapts, and I regain my rhythm.”

Regarding the pitch conditions for the upcoming Test, Jadeja anticipated a flat surface. “The wicket here appears flat and firm, but its behavior can vary. Sometimes it favors batsmen, while other times it offers assistance to spinners. I expect it to play well initially before gradually deteriorating, favoring spinners,” he elaborated.

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