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Rahul Gandhi Buys Mysore Pak from Tamil Nadu Sweet Shop During Campaign Trail

IndiaRahul Gandhi Buys Mysore Pak from Tamil Nadu Sweet Shop During Campaign Trail

Rahul Gandhi buys Mysore Pak from sweet shop in Tamil Nadu for ‘brother’ MK Stalin.

In a delightful break from his hectic election campaign schedule, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi indulged in the famous South Indian delicacy, ‘Mysore Pak,’ at a sweet shop in Singanallur, Tamil Nadu. Gandhi’s impromptu visit to the shop was captured in a video shared on his Instagram account, where he can be seen sampling the delectable sweet alongside fellow party members.

After enjoying the sweet treat, Gandhi proceeded to purchase Mysore Pak to present it to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin as a gesture of goodwill. The heartwarming exchange between the two leaders, captured in the video, reflects the camaraderie shared between them.

Expressing his gratitude for Gandhi’s thoughtful gesture, Stalin remarked that the INDI alliance is poised for a “sweet victory” in the upcoming elections.

The owner of the sweet shop, Babu, expressed his delight at Gandhi’s unexpected visit, stating that the Congress leader spent nearly half an hour interacting with the staff and sampling various sweets. Despite their insistence, Gandhi insisted on paying for the sweets himself, showcasing his humility and generosity.

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