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Khusro Foundation releases it’s program on 11 July in a pre program media interaction

IndiaKhusro Foundation releases it's program on 11 July in a pre program media interaction

Hafeezur Rahman, convenor of the Khusro Foundation shares the vision of the Foundation during the Press Release.

Peaceful coexistence is the theme of the event.  Convenor Hafeezur Rahman quoted famous  Urdu poet, Uday Pratab Singh’s famous sher, “Na tera hai na mera hai ye Hindustan sabka hai, nahi samjhi gayi ye baat to nuqsan sabka hai.”

He also quoted the famous sher by Jigar Moradabadi who said, “Unka jo farz hai wo ahle syasat jaanein, mera paigham mohabbat hai jahan tak pohnche.”

Dr.  Hafeezur Rahman shares, “It is an initiative towards global peace, national integrity, and social harmony by producing pro-harmony literature and organizing brainstorming lectures to motivate youths for a better tomorrow.

It has been addressed by the Chairman of the Khusro Foundation, Mr. Sirajuddin Qureshi, (who is in the center), and Mr. Rohit Khera, (extreme left) Director of Khusro Foundation winded it up.

Press Release of Khusro Foundation shares its goals pitching for peace and harmony
Press Release of Khusro Foundation shares its goals pitching for peace and harmony

The Khusro Foundation Shares the Invitation

Press Release of Khusro Foundation shares its goals pitching for peace and harmony

Press Release of Khusro Foundation shares its goals pitching for peace and harmony

Below is the link to the Press Conference.


Dr.  Hafeezur Rahman Shares:

The Khusro Foundation, a testament to visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, was established on the 3rd of February 2021 by four renowned citizens of India: Mr. Sirajuddin Qureshi, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, Mr. Rohit Khera, and Mr. Ranjan Mukherjee. With their profound expertise, resolute commitment, and relentless pursuit of progress, they came together to establish a foundation that aspires to empower communities, foster intellectual growth, and promote a harmonious society.

Their collective leadership and firm determination serve as the cornerstone of the Khusro Foundation which embodies excellence, compassion, and transformative impact on the lives of countless individuals.

The Khusro Foundation, bearing the name of the renowned Sufi, poet, and musical maestro Hazrat Amir Khusro (1253-1325), epitomizes a deep reverence for Indian heritage and a commitment to reviving the age-old traditions of love, respect for rituals, understanding, and cooperation among people of diverse religions, cultures, and languages. Drawing
inspiration from the remarkable poet soldier’s admiration for India and its people.

The Foundation embarks on a noble mission to foster national solidarity and amity under the following 7-point Objectives of the Foundation :

1. To ideate, generate and disseminate correct information regarding Islam, counter-motivated and ill-informed perceptions.

2. To generate quality literature in Urdu, Hindi, and other languages to motivate, integrate, and unite the people of India.

3. To promote communal harmony, tolerance, and understanding among people subscribing to diverse faith systems, religious practices, ethnic identities, cultural backgrounds, etc. Promote a culture of pluralism where diversity is respected and not resented.

4. To create a nationwide awareness of the dire need for AMITY AND NATIONAL SOLIDARITY.

5. Spread the message of unity and communal harmony by using various Mass Media Platforms.

6. To propagate the values of human empathy, rule of law, unity, and co-existence amongst cross sections of society throughout the country.

7. Focus on the youth to prevent them from being used by extremist or violent groups. Promote self-esteem, positivity, and self-confidence in them and inculcate a deep sense of national pride.

To realize this goal, the Khusro Foundation has already published eleven books in Urdu and Hindi during the last two years and organized book-released programs, national seminars, cultural programs, and conferences on relevant issues before the community and country at different parts of the country so far. More books and upcoming programs are in the pipeline.

These publications serve as conduits for disseminating the ideals cherished by the Foundation and cover a wide range of significant topics that resonate with our society.
Additionally, the Foundation has organized numerous impactful programs, addressing pertinent issues crucial to the fabric of our nation.

The first book, titled; “Hindustan ki Sharai Haisiyat” (India’s Position as per Islamic Jurisprudence), authored by Dr. Zafar Darik Qasmi.

The second book, “Urdu ki Tarweej-o-Isha’at mein Ghair Muslimon ki Khidmaat” (Non-Muslim’s Contribution to the Promotion of Urdu Language), penned by the erudite Urdu researcher Syed Taleef Haider. The third book,“Mere Watan ke Logon” by Dr. Azra Naqvi. The fourth book “Hindustan Urdu Shairi ke Hawale se”by Dr. Umair Manzar, the next book “Dara Shikoh, Ek Sufi Shehzada” by Mufti Mushtaq Tijarvi.

The next book “Muslim Ulama ka Mutala-e-Hindu Dharm” by Dr. Zafar Darek Qasmi.
Books in Hindi consist of “Aatmavrittaant” which is an autobiography of a renowned freedom fighter, Sheikh-ul-Hind Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani, and “Hindi Adab mein Muslim Adeebon ka Hissa” by Dr. Asif Umar.

Muslims’ Contributions to the Development of the Hindi Language and explore Urdu’s role in disseminating other religious teachings beyond Islam. To fulfill our vision, we seek the support and patronage of all individuals invested in fostering genuine bonds among the diverse sections of our multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual India. Together, let
us embark on this noble journey, inspired by the ideals of Hazrat Amir Khusro, and forge a future where unity and understanding reign supreme.

At this point, it is important to say that this historical meeting of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Abdulkarim Bin Al-Issa and Shri. Ajit Doval rightfully replicates the meeting of Jupiter and Venus as mentioned in the Mathnavi 9 spheres of Amir Khusro. The Khusro Foundation is committed to promoting national integrity and harmony through the production of literature, conferences, symposiums, lectures, etc. The Khusro Foundation further aims to conduct more and more such events on a Pan-Indian level to promote the syncretic culture of India.

The upcoming program on 11th July 2023 will prove to be an asset for the harmony that we aspire to achieve through the Khusro Foundation. We have shared and presented the thought and objectives of the Khusro Foundation in the faces of books to several writers, scholars, and readers who have praised and synced with our work. This program will spread a remarkable message to the World. Together we can achieve harmony and peaceful existence ahead.

Dr. Hafeezur Rahman
Convenor, Khusro Foundation
E.mail: [email protected]

The Visit Is Anticipated to Set Great New Beginnings

Dr. Hafeezur Rahman said when Jupiter and Venus come together, it is very miraculous, quoting Mathnavi’s 9 spheres of Amir Khusro.  Looking in eager anticipation of the July 11th event, Hafeezur Rahman said two very influential personalities are meeting with powerful pitches for peace and harmony.  The visit of Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa to India is awaited with great eagerness.

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