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Manipur looks like a warzone, houses, Bible colleges, churches, temples burning, shoot on sight orders

IndiaManipur looks like a warzone, houses, Bible colleges, churches, temples burning, shoot on sight orders

Manipur looks like a warzone in Ukraine, with houses, Bible colleges, churches, and temples burning, shoot-on sight orders but accused of being unmoved, PM Modi is busy campaigning in Karnataka.

The battle started after the ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ called by the All Tribal Student Union Manipur (ATSUM) in the Torbung area of Churachandpur district.  This was a peaceful protest against the demand of non-tribal Meiteis, who dominate the Imphal Valley, for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. Thousands of students took part in the rally.

Sources say that the tribal rally was very peaceful until they were on their way back home and found the centenary gate being burnt and Kangvai was already invaded by the Meitei community.   Chief Minister Biren Singh called it a misunderstanding between the two communities.

The crisis in Manipur is so frightening that the Governor has given shoot-at-sight orders and throughout the day, there were gunshots heard.  The number of people killed is still unclear.

An urgent appeal was shared on WhatsApp: “The B’nei Menashe (Kuki) tribes are attacked by the majority Meitei Hindu communities in Manipur in northeast India, right under the nose of the state government and its machineries! It is 3:15 AM now, here – May 4, 2023.

Hundreds of houses from about ten villages are burned down to ashes. More than ten churches and synagogues were ransacked and burned. At least four Kuki youths were murdered and counting. Women and children are hiding in fear in the woods under summer rain.

Their excuses – B’nei Menashe Kuki-Zo people are foreigners! The pogrom is to snatch our ancestral lands where we live now.

Please pray for us.
Lienbou Gangte”

Eighteen churches were burned down or vandalized:

Manipur is Burning
Manipur is Burning

A very large Bible College was burned down and Swami Raju from ACTC shared, “I am sharing the sad news of Trulock Theological College which was burned down by the mob. Everything got burned library, office, and so on. The college community is sheltered in the Assam Rifles camp.  A few churches are also burned. Pray for the colleges and the people in Manipur.  This message is received from Dean, SATHRI.”

Concerned netizens are horrified by the carnage while accusing the main media of not covering the “battle”.

“Fire everywhere” Tehseen Poonawalla Official tweeted:  “The Hon’ble HM said in #Karnataka there would be RIOTS if BJP is not elected there. #Manipur has a “double engine Sankar!”  Pleading the most Hon’ble PM & Hon’ble HM to pls DROP everything & focus on #Manipur. Our National Media must cover the arson in #Manipur!

Nayini Anurag Reddy
#ManipurOnFire 🚨

The situation in Manipur is so terrifying that Governor has issued shoot-at-sight orders.

– PM, HM & whole cabinet are busy with electioneering
– Media is busy covering #Modi’s roadshow

Unfortunately, Manipur has only 2 MPs, while Karnataka has 28 💔

Horrified Netizens express that the scenes look similar to a warzone in Ukraine, however, it is surprising that the main media is hardly covering the carnage while the Prime Minister is busy campaigning in Karnata, not rustled by the dreadful situation going on in Manipur.  While the chief minister says everything is under control, there is an uneasy silence about the death rates.

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