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Tag: Hindus

Manipur looks like a warzone, houses, Bible colleges, churches, temples burning, shoot on sight orders

Manipur looks like a warzone in Ukraine, with houses, Bible colleges, churches, and temples burning, shoot-on sight orders but accused of being unmoved, PM...

Christians in Uttar Pradesh react sharply to constant attacks on them

Christians have come to the streets in Uttar Pradesh upset about constant communal attacks on them saying they are being falsely implicated. Finally out of...

Popular songs in India now, “India is for Hindus, Muslims go to Pakistan.”

Hindutva pop now has singers composing songs played during hate campaigns singing "India is for Hindus, Muslims go to Pakistan.” Hindutva pop is set up...

Ramadan, holy month, Ramadan and Navratri start on same day!

Ramadan means "scorching heat", glowing", purified where spiritual rewards (thawab) of fasting are believed to be multiplied during Ramadan. Hindu's Vasant Navratri This year, Ramadan and...

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