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Bharat Jodo Yatra enters J&K, cold finally beats Rahul in Jammu!

IndiaBharat Jodo Yatra enters J&K, cold finally beats Rahul in Jammu!

Bharat Jodo Yatra wonderfully refreshing, jubilant, also tiring, tough,  with lack of sleep, exhaustion is now in Jammu and Kashmir

Bharat Jodo Yatra is wonderfully refreshing, jubilant, also tiring, and tough at times,  with lack of sleep, exhaustion, fevers, and injuries from walking so long, such as foot sores and it is sheer inner strength and willpower that keeps the Yatris on.

In Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah and Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut join the Yatra, sparking up excitement as these renowned visitors joined in a beautiful celebration to speak for the unity of India amidst its diversity.

Adhering to the spirit of the Yatra, Congress supporters reinstate, “The objective of INC is the well-being of the people of India & the establishment in India, where there is equality of opportunity & of political, economic & social rights. Every religion is allowed to flourish here as secularism is at the core of India’s nationhood.”

Finally, the cold beat Rahul Gandhi, seen here in Jammu with a jacket and hood, and not just his white T-shirt which he wore through the freezing North Indian winter stirring up much controversy from his critics!

Shubhra, a supporter tweeted, “Thank You Rahul Gandhi ji for taking care of yourself.. you are very important for all of us..we need you, India needs you.”

However, a little later, Rahul Gandhi did take off his raincoat and as Congress supporters corrected others, it was not a jacket but a raincoat! Md. Haris tweeted: All superheroes don’t wear capes.
Bone-chilling temperature and as soon as the rain stopped he is back to his T-Shirt..

When Bharat Jodo Yatra left the borders of Punjab to enter Jammu and Kashmir, there was joy everywhere, kicking off the day with a massive public rally at Sarna, Pathankot, Punjab. Speaking on the occasion, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi stated that “The BJP and RSS have spread hate and fear through the nation.

Every one of their schemes spreads fear in some sections of society. And if you compare that to the Congress party’s UPA government in the past, our schemes try to erase fear. MNREGA, farmer loans waivers, Adivasi bill…whatever we do, we try to erase fear whereas they try to spread fear.”

Punjab gave a grand farewell at the border with elaborately carpeted areas, with giant-sized posters laid in parallel leading up to a huge raised platform

The Yatra continued from Ferozepur Kalan to the flag handover ceremony at the Maharaja Gulab Singh Statue, Lakhanpur border on the Srinagar-Kanyakumari Highway in Kathua, and they are presenting walking in Jammu.

One of the Yatris, Rahul Ranjan said,  “Participating in the Bharat Jodo Yatra was in itself a great experience. Since childhood one has heard a number of proverbs regarding our country. Such as… Language and culture change every few kilometers. I experienced this firsthand during the Yatra. Sometimes I didn’t understand the language people were speaking but I did understand the sentiment behind the words.”

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