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Madhya Pradesh: Shame to humanity, 8 yo with dead 2-year-old for hours

IndiaMadhya Pradesh: Shame to humanity, 8 yo with dead 2-year-old for hours

A shame to humanity in Morena, Madhya Pradesh occurred when an 8-year-old boy sat for hours with the body of his 2-year-old brother.

While the brother sat with the body, the father of the child rushed around in search of a vehicle to take the dead body to his village, no one helped the victim’s family.

The Dalit Voice tweeted, “This incident is shameful, an eight-year-old Dalit boy was sitting on the road for hours carrying the dead body of his little brother. He was suffering from anemia he could not get treatment on time. Where are those people who say that casteism has ended in India…..”

The tragic incident occurred in the district hospital when Poojaram Jatav traveled from Ambah bringing his 2-year-old son Raja to the district hospital for treatment as he had a stomach ache and was in terrible pain. His  8-year-old son Gulshan had also come with him.  Unfortunately, the toddler died during treatment.

According to information, after the death of Raja, Pujaram wanted to take his son’s body to Ambah to be buried in his village and he was rushing around looking for a vehicle to take them to the village but no one offered to help them and Pujaram also had no money for a vehicle and the hospital ambulance people were demanding one and a half thousand rupees, which he did not have, and no one from the government was willing to help him during his distress.

After the government hospital authorities abandoned him, he sought help from private ambulances, but to no avail.

The picture breaking all hearts is as Poojaram is frantically hunting for a low-priced ambulance, his 8-year-old son Gulshan is sitting at the side of the road looking pained as he is keeping the body of his younger 2-year-old brother Raja on his lap, a most traumatic experience that no child should face.

Words Cannot Describe the Pain of This Child!

After many long agonizing hours, someone finally informed the police and on receiving the information, Kotwali TI Yogendra Yadav reached the spot and first took the body to the district hospital. Then after arranging an ambulance from there, the body was sent to Ambah.

What is shaking everyone is the horrible treatment of the government hospital who did not even try to arrange for an ambulance, and the aftermath of a death in a government hospital is traumatic for the poor.  There was an utter lack of sympathy from the public with hard unrelenting hearts, and it took hours before one citizen had enough compassion to inform a policeman who fortunately did help.

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