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How to Get Freedom from a Painful Past and Bondages that Tie Us

LifestyleHow to Get Freedom from a Painful Past and Bondages that Tie Us

We may be still struggling with a painful past that suddenly hits us like a ton of bricks just when we thought we were over with it.

So it comes as a shock when the past hits us with a blast on the face, painful memories are hard to die.

So we wonder, how can the past pain of people return, or how can past memories and guilt still haunt people. There are a few reasons for this, which I will share here.

The Secret of Life is to Focus on the Present
The premise from which we must fight this battle raging in our souls is always remembering that life focuses on our present and our future. While past events and achieving and memories are powerful reminders to cheer us up and lead us on, if we only focus on what happened a decade ago in our lives, relishing in sweet victories, but never engaging in the moment to seize situations to overcome in victory..our lives will be trails in sinking sands…We cannot make little steps of progression forward. For example, I did have a great spiritual victory in areas in my life three years back, but if I do not live in momentous spiritual victory daily, I will just be echoing my voice along corridors of old memories without the life of the spirit abiding in me, in truth, rusting and fading away.

Principle of the Tree

Now imagine a tree that is nourished by pure water, rich soil, and healthy sunlight, the tree grows and flourishes to take deeper root and bear richer fruit. In time, while the tree is relishing the wonderful food and air and water and sunlight provided to it in the PRESENT, the old leaves start to shrivel off and finally fall off. When the old dried leaves fall off, the tree will not feel any pain because the leaves are dead with no attachment to the tree. This should be the same as our past offenses and weaknesses and bad deeds. As we live in the Light of the present, and nourish our spiritual life with the Bread of Life, and drink the Living Waters, our past hurts, agonies, haunts, anger, rage, depression still lurking within us will fall off like dead leaves.

Vibes and Lies that Destroy

However, the enemy of our souls, negativity sets us a big trap here. Whenever we somehow fail and fall again, this enemy whispers maliciously, “See you did it again, you are weak, hopeless, things are going to be bad for you forever, there is no hope for you, things will never change,’ and listening to this vicious whisper, we feel defeated and hopeless, we sink further, perhaps deeper into that drowning pattern in resignation that this is our fate.

However, if we quickly realize, and are alert that we are just sinking into a web of lies of defeated thinking and make a conscious effort to focus on positivity, focusing on the Light and living in the life in the Spirit, these depressive clogs in us will start to fall off like autumn leaves, ripe to fall off and one wonderful day, we will suddenly realize we no longer struggle in that particular pain pattern.

The Guilt Trip and Trap
In all this, while we deal with our past, we do not have obsessions with our past. Some of us keep on thinking obsessively about it and keep on lamenting over the wrong done. It is important to acknowledge something was wrong because denial is dangerous but constant repenting of an act over and over again shows you a sign, you are living in a guilt trip. The guilt trip is the place where the spirit of negativity working in the world gets millions of people to live in; it is a miserable pit where they feel they can never rise out of, so they grovel in failure and misery. We need to rise up and shine out of that pit. This is our war cry, our powerful declaration to rise out of the pit and fly with eagle wings.

Many people are still in bondage because they have accepted a wrong message which places too much stress on dealing with one’s past. While it is imperative to deal with it, we now have to move forward and ride on the waves of positivity.

Be Delivered from the Past By:

1. Disassociate yourself from painful past events and memories: Do not let your mind ruminate on these like a rotating top. I have experienced times when memories of the past have flooded me, inundated me to pin me down and suddenly, I have been spiritually paralyzed, get a sudden headache, and flooded with depression. This is the power of our thought life, it can make us or break us!

Sometimes, we feel inclined to share our past in way of testimony, and it is very important to do so, to give hope to others. However, there is a danger zone here. If the person sharing their testimony is still in bondage struggling with issues, it would be wise not to speak about that at that given time because negative vibes see and hear and they set out to attack that person further if they are still weak in areas.

Sadly, I have seen that after people share their stories of victory, soon after that, they come under bad attacks. Sharing a very tough testimony can bring back memories of pain, so one has to be sure they are ready to deal with that in the public spectrum too where the spirits of negativity suddenly hit a person with a storm if they are still weak inside!

2. Deliver yourself from unhealthy attachments to people who will manipulate or harm you or are abusive. Many people keep themselves open to constant pain by living with an abusive person. If one can do so, it is better to leave, than live in constant abuse.

3. Be quick to forgive and love with Agape Love which is the highest form of Love that comes from the Creator of the Universe and us. I know many times we may care for and forgive people, but they still cannot accept our love, so in those times, keep praying for the person, and if you have an opportunity, tell them you love them. Angry people are hurting people and our love can heal us and them. Sometimes, it is in His Time, sometimes it is right now, but never stop praying for them if you have a commission to do so.

4. Hold no grudge nor hold the spirit of jealousy for it ties you up in areas of bondage. Never gossip or speak ill of people, this invites negative energy very quickly into our lives. Keep your heart and tongue pure, refrain from unnecessary conversations that are unfruitful. Bad vibes attach themselves to our words to gain an entry point. I have actually seen such spirits walking in homes that are attuned to idle talk, malicious gossip, ill-will, and anger.

5. Deliver yourself by starting a new song. Literally, start singing and especially songs of hope and joy, to fill yourself with creative energy.  Also, praise and worship God!. As you sing, you will get new words. Start to do something new, whatever you can..Do it anew and songs will start to heal your thoughts your mind and deliver you from old attachments. Renew your mind daily with good words, verses, quotes, and the Holy Book.

I pray that God will bless you abundantly as you read this and deliver you from past attachments and even present torments in mighty ways as only He can.


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