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Tag: spiritual

The Universality of Belief: A Glimpse into Spiritual Perspectives

Getting a glimpse into different spiritual perspectives and embracing the diversity of beliefs enables room for acceptance of different beliefs. Spirituality is a deeply personal...

Worry never stops tomorrow’s sorrow but robs today of its joy

Life is mysterious and we never know what lies around the corner, so worry is a waste of time and energy, our best days...

Put on the garment of praise in the darkest night to see the light

Sometimes, life is not easy being born into a difficult home immersed in problems.  At such times, it is very easy to give up...

Pink sunrises & golden mornings add healing virtues to fly above on wings

Early morning times are healing and refreshing due to a myriad of reasons, besides soaking golden UV rays. Awakening to pink dawns are glorious and...

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