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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tag: Shanghai

China’s cold snap reaches Shanghai with chilliest year-end in 40 years

“Despite wearing gloves, my hands quickly lost sensation, and they still ache,” Wang remarked. Shanghai is currently witnessing its coldest December period in forty years...

Why are Chinese citizens trying to flee the country now?

Amid intense COVID-19 lockdowns and shortages of food, desperate Chinese citizens are trying to flee the country, why? Things have never been so bad in...

Shanghai: 25 million locked, pets from COVID patients to be killed, suicides

In Shanghai, people are committing suicide from their balconies, and pets from people having COVID are being collected to be killed. There is a horrible...

25 million in Shanghai starve, no food. water; trapped from COVID, scream

Twenty-five million Chinese under a rigid COVID lockdown in Shanghai find themselves trapped in homes without food and water, scream. Chinese starving, without food and...

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