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After a series of govt-farmers talks on farm laws fails, SC indicates to put a stay

Supreme Court said that some farmers have committed suicide, senior citizens and women are coming to join the agitation; what the hell is going...

Farmers’ agitation continues 41st day, struggle to be continued till demands are met

Farmers' agitation in Delhi continues even on the 41st day. Yesterday, no decision was taken in the eighth round of talks between the farmers'...

Government wants to suppress farmers’ voice: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi said "For Modi Govt: Dissenting students are anti-nationals. Concerned citizens are urban naxals. Migrant labourers are Covid carriers. Rape victims are nobody....

Fifth round of talks ends without results, farmers warns of pan-India strike

Fifth round of talks between the farmers' organizations and the government on Saturday also yielded no results, while the farmers have warned of pan-India...

Farmers are not ready to hold talks on the government’s terms

Farmers' organizations are not ready to hold talks on the government's terms. They have brought ration with them and ready to protest for a...

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