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How British carry on the policy of ‘divide and rule’

Earlier residents of Ayodhya used to call the Babri Masjid “Sita Rasoi Masjid” In the first incident of confrontation between Hindus and Muslims in Ayodhya...

All communal riots started after 1857 by seeds sown by the British rulers

British rulers used to call Hindu religious leaders and pay them to speak against Muslims so do they hire clerics against Hindus The Babri Masjid...

Were the Muslims who ruled in India Indians or foreigners?

Babur was the only foreign Muslim invader ruling India, others fought against Muslim invaders Aurangzeb's policies shook the core of the Mughal rule after which...

Boris Johnson under pressure to quit after party apology

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the PM Boris Johnson must now quit over what he called his "ridiculous" lies and excuses. Mr. Johnson...

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