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The Manipur Massacre perceived as the worst anti-Christian massacre in modern India

IndiaThe Manipur Massacre perceived as the worst anti-Christian massacre in modern India

Open genocidal calls made by the COCOMI Meiteis against the Kukis – the Manipur Massacre is the worst anti-Christian massacre in modern India

In a terrible pogrom lasting over two months, it was triggered by an old picture of a girl from Delhi being raped, falsely asserting that the Kukis had raped a Meitei girl.  Mayhem prevailed when the Meiteis went on a mad rampage to burn, rape, and kill Kukis.

The Manipur Massacre the longest pogrom in the history of the nine years of Narendra Modi’s governance since 2014 and some perceived it as the worst anti-Christian massacre to take place in India which is still ongoing. Many jeering references are made to the Kuki’s Christian faith, over 200 churches were burnt down and many Kuki schools were destroyed making it seem like a Christian massacre.

Presently, an eerie video has emerged on social media revealing the COCOMI Meiteis screaming, translated as “All the Kukis must be killed, Kill the Kukis until they are totally wiped out, Kukis cannot stay in Manipur.”

A Kuki responded to the COCOMI march, “You talk about peace and shout slogans like these?!!! Make up your minds! Please do whatever you want within your 700sq. kms area. Kill all you want, rape all you want within that area. The world is watching and scratching its head at your antics. Just don’t come to the hills.” (sic)

In another post, Min shares a video showing thousands of Kuki women defending their villages due to the recent massacre of over 100, and many others fled and are still in hiding.  The situation is precarious because Kukis don’t feel safe with their state government because allegedly, as video footage also reveals, the state Manipur police were accompanying the Meiteis to the Kuki-Zo areas and shooting at them.

@ngulminthan@Spearcorps writes that the Kuki women say:  We are ready to sacrifice our lives to defend our land against Meitei Fascists. Our bodies are our shield. Massacre us if you have to but we will never allow Meitei Fascist Commandos, Arambai Tenggol, Meetei Leepun, PLA, KYKL, and UNLF to desecrate our God-given land. In God the Almighty, we rest our lives.”

As of now, an updated death toll of  Manipur has reached 181 including 113 Kukis and 62 Meiteis, according to the data reviewed by Reuters that have not been reported earlier. The data show that in the first week of the violence in early May, 77 Kukis were killed compared to 10 Meiteis. “Resources available to both sides are not the same.

Section 153A of the Indian penal code prohibits citizens from creating disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred, or ill will between different groups of people. Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) deals with the offense of promoting disharmony, enmity, or feelings of hatred between different groups on the grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc. and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony. The offense is a cognizable offense and the punishment for the same may extend to three years, or with a fine, or with both. However, the punishment for the offense committed in a place of worship is enhanced up to five years and a fine.  Unfortunately, nothing is being done about the death calls to Kukis.

At the start of the turmoil, on May 4, a Kuki-Zo youth faced arrest for sharing a post related to CM Biren Singh. As he was being transported from the court to jail, a mob of approximately 800 men and women intercepted the police vehicle, forcefully took him out, and subjected him to a fatal beating. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has recorded this incident as a custodial death and issued notices regarding the matter. This update was reported on July 23, 2023, at 9:06 pm, and later updated on July 24, 2023, at 12:38 am IST from New Delhi.


The massacre saw Maiteis being helped by the state commando police as seen in many verified videos and even shared by news channels.  Meiteis went to many villages and settlements and slaughtered them openly, not sparing even a 10-year-old girl or a 60-year-old woman.  Women were gang-raped and killed, some were beheaded and hung on pegs in the middle of settlements, and villages were burnt to ashes. There are hundreds of corpses lying stiff and rotting on the streets.  Bodies from the Kukis are lying in Rims Morgue, and the Kukis still are waiting for closure, asking for the bodies back.

A lot of fake news peddling to instigate people against Kukis

A lot of fake news is being spread against the Kukis with claims that they burned Hindu temples, whereas, as they say, the Kukis were caught up with defending themselves and were not out on an offensive.

The accusation of Kukis burning Hindu temples, which incidentally is false, in an aim to achieve religious divisions and clashes, so it can be rightly attributed that this is an anti-Christian pogrom.  Burning down over 200 churches was a very direct attack on the Kukis’ Christian faith.

The video is from Myanmar but the Meiteis are saying the Kukis beheaded a Meitei woman and there are many other instances of the same defaming campaign going on against the Kukis.

A viral clip from Manipur does not mention the massacre of Meiteis; the video shared with the wrong subtitles:


The campaign to defame the Kukis is instigated by those who want turmoil in India

The campaign to defame the Kukis is instigated by those who seek to create turmoil in India. IGenocidal calls are uncalled for in the Republic of India, which hails democracy to give safety and dignity to all citizens.

Heartbreakingly, one of the Kukis said, “Loud sounds and crowds remind us of that fateful night on 3rd May, the way they hunted us down like animals. It’s traumatizing even now. But by God’s grace, we made it out safely but for the victims of mob violence that survived, the trauma will haunt them as long as they live.”

While the Manipur Massacre is thought to be ethnic as Christian Naga settlements were not attacked, people do feel Nagas will be targeted next.    It is perceived as the worst anti-Christian massacre in modern India because churches were targeted and burned down and sneers were made at Kukis for their Christian faith. Many voiced that this targeting of Kukis would have never been so bad Kukis had been Hindus, so one can perceive it to be an anti-Christian massacre.  The Kukis never thought they were being targeted as badly as today, but it happened.  The question is, who is next in line?

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