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With”war” declared by a Meitei militant, who is behind this, and for what?

IndiaWith"war" declared by a Meitei militant, who is behind this, and for what?

The enraged troubles in Manipur have not subsided since May 3rd. Videos are emerging of Meitei militants accompanied by Manipur state police commandos.

The UNLF is the oldest Meitei insurgent group and the present inciting statements and activities by Meitei militants need to be taken more seriously.   In a particular chilling post on Facebook, a Meitei IAS officer, “Mr Jiri Tachou Khumancha alias Khuman Meiraba is confessing that “Lakhs of Meitei youths, well trained from Assam, Tripura, and Bangladesh are waiting for Biren’s approval order to blow up Churachandpur district”. He further said, “He is ready to give up his Government service to wage war against the Kuki-Zo community.”

Lalzawm S Gangte, a social worker tweeted, “A Meitei In Uniform Gives A War Threat To Kuki-Zo Settlement Of Lamka(Churachandpur).  He went on to say, “A Facebook user nicknamed Khuman Meiraba has openly given a war threat to the Kuki-Zo community.

Here’s a rough translation:
“How many lakhs of Meitei militants are required to clear Churachandpur (Lamka) town? If CM Biren agrees, the Meitei Militants from Assam, Tripura, Bangladesh have completed their training and are ready for this war. I myself will give up my govt job and join the war.”


Yesterday, July 26, 2023, eighty days after the initial attack, an urgent SOS from the Kukis stated that they were in immediate danger.  There were attacks shown from Moreh border town.  It was revealed to them that the Meitei militants attacked with the help of the Manipur Police. The Assam Rifles had been ordered not to intervene. They voiced their worry that the Kuki people are in immediate danger.   According to one source who does not wish to be named, “The CRPF & RAF are all there but doesn’t seem much helpful initially. As of now, there is a total separation of hills and valleys, (specially Kui-Zo settlements like Lamka and Kangpokpi) with the armed forces placed in buffer zones. However frequent attacks by Meitei militants are still happening here and there.”  This was shared on July 26, 2023, and the trouble as we know started on May 3rd, 2023.

An Indian news channel showed the carnage and destruction.  The Kuki-Zo areas were seen to be unsafe.

Drone footage showing the involvement of 37 Assam Rifles Sugnu Post/Manipur Police/Commando/IRB in the torching of Thingkangphai Village of the Kukis.

The forest department was also torched!

Sources shared that “The Meitei Militants were stopping and checking every vehicle for Hao (Derogatory slang for tribals) with one woman telling them to strike them on the head should the person in the vehicle be tribal.”

Video Player


The Meitei extremist groups’ forceful ransom incidents on Bata outlets where Bata outlets are forced to pay them large sums of money led Bata to leave Imphal.

Some solid evidence of involvement of Arambai Tenggol, police force commandos in the current Manipur genocide. #manipur #ManipurBurning #savekuki



Seiminthang Haokip, a Kuki shared a video on Twitter:  “A clear ethnic cleansing by Meitei Community against the Kuki Community. Isn’t this evident enough? Need we show more?

[Translation: let’s start killing the Kuki in Manipur]

Need we (Kuki) say more?”


Harmeet Kaur K social activist shared, “In Kangpokpi district, 9 villages were burnt down by the armed people dressed in Black outfits. Only one village remains, Maphou, in that also almost 50 houses are already razed. This village remained because, its a home to a BSF sub inspection Poatinsat Guite, who was killed fighting the Pak Army on the LOC, in J&K on 1 Dec 2020. He was awarded posthumously Kirti Chakra. BSF personnel are guiding his house and the village. Though most of the villagers have left. The wife of a Martyr soldier also had to shift to Mizoram, along with her Daughters.” (sic).

Update, now in action:  A netizen shared video footage that shows Manipur Police Commandos attacking Kangvai in Lamka District from Kwakta since 5 am on Thursday! July 27, 2023.


A Peek into the Past Insurgency History of the UNLF:

The UNLF is the oldest Meitei insurgent group. The United National Liberation Front (UNLF) was established on November 24, 1964, making it the first militant group to originate in the valley areas of Manipur. The group’s primary objective is to create an independent socialist Manipur. The armed wing of UNLF is known as the Manipur People’s Army (MPA), which celebrated its 22nd raising day on February 8, 2009. Presently, UNLF holds the position of the most powerful insurgent group in the state, engaging in violent activities.

The founder and leader of UNLF is Areambam Samarendra Singh, while Rajkumar Meghen, also known as Sana Yaima, serves as the current chairman. Th Sanachou holds the position of general secretary, and A Wangpa serves as the defense secretary. Ksh Yoiheiba is the senior publicity officer of UNLF’s publicity department. The outfit’s current cadre strength is estimated to be between 1,500 to 1,700, and they have received sophisticated weapons training. UNLF operates training camps in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The group’s activities have been reported across all districts in the valley areas of Manipur. On occasion, UNLF has also targeted tribal populations in the hill areas of the state. Additionally, its activities have been reported in the bordering areas between Assam and Manipur, particularly in southern Assam’s Cachar district.

During its early years, UNLF received support from Pakistan when it was part of East Pakistan (Bangladesh), and some of its members underwent military training under the Pakistani army. Later, the group developed ties with China, though such associations no longer exist. UNLF shares strategic links with NSCN-K and ULFA, as well as other militant outfits in Manipur.

In September 2006, Rajkumar Meghen alias Sana Yaima, the chairman of UNLF, was arrested from Motihari in East Champaran district of Bihar, after having gone missing since his reported arrest in Bangladesh in September 2010.

With evidence and videos pouring out from umpteen sources, it is apparent that the present violence was state-sponsored.

The Maharaja of Manipur

In a letter dated February 12, 2021, addressed to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the President and other top office leaders of the North East India Development Party, a regional political party, expressed concerns regarding the Meiteis’ separatist agenda. The letter mentioned that the Manipur state council was formed by the then His Highness the Maharaja of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba, who currently serves as the Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from Manipur. This formation was based on order no. 11 of 2012 dated March 14, 2012.

The letter also referred to an incident on October 29, 2019, when a press conference was held in London by Y Biren Singh with N Samarjit Singh, the former President of the North East India Development Party before he went to London in 2019. During the conference, they announced the independence of Manipur, citing the proclamation made on August 6, 1996, by His Highness the Maharaja of Manipur, declaring Manipur State Council as the Independent De-Jure Government of Manipur. N Samarjit, who was present at the press conference, has been in jail in Imphal for nearly a year. His bail pleas have been rejected by the NIA Special Trial Court in a case where he faces charges under Sections 120B, 420 of IPC and Sections 13, 17 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. There are five accused, including Samarjit, in the case.

The letter emphasized that the BJP MP, referring to the Maharaja of Manipur, has been associated with the signed declaration of independence and relevant documents. However, there is no mention of the BJP MP in the NIA case in Imphal.

The fact that the King has become an MP in the Rajya Sabha by joining the BJP while Samarjit, the messenger, remains in custody for almost a year without a trial, raises serious questions for the BJP, a party that upholds strong values of nationalism and unity of the nation. Despite this, the BJP MP denied the claims of his involvement in signing any such papers related to the declaration of Manipur’s independence from India.

In Manipur, a disturbing pattern of ethnic cleansing war cries has emerged:
The Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh, issued a threat, stating that he would declare war against the Kuki-Zo community, saying, “I will declare war against you (Kuki) .…” (Source: Manipur My Government, YouTube Channel, December 24, 2022).
Govindas Konthoujam, Minister of PWD, declared, “Meiteis were warriors, we can’t stay silent. I am also in the field; it’s time to teach the Kukis by Manipuri Forces and Youths” (Source: AIR Sangai Channel, June 6, 2023).
Pramod Singh, President of ‘Meetei Leepun,’ issued a warning to Meiteis, urging them to “Blow up Kangpokpi & Churachandpur to wipe out Kukis” on June 6, 2023 (Source: Interview on The Wire, June 2023, 6.00 PM).
COCOMI, the apex body of seven Meitei Civil Societies, openly declared war on the Kuki-Zo people on June 7, 2023, during a public meeting under the theme “MEEYAMGI WAREP.”

Given the above alarming developments, the Kuki-Zo people are urged to remain vigilant and alert.

Here, we are speaking of over 150 deaths with Manipur police commandos helping Meitei militants.

Who started the fire?  The very start of it occurred on May 3rd.

CaroMoiNem Touz shares:  “This is proof of how the Communal Conflict started. Here, Kuki peace rally activists are asking the Manipur Police to give up the Meetei miscreants who burnt the gate. Meetei miscreants came to burn the Anglo-Kuki War Centenary Memorial Welcome Gate at Leisang.”


A Kuki retorted, “Manipur police commandos are the only police force in the world that attacks its own citizens using Mortars, Rocket Launchers, Heavy Machine Guns etc.”  Apparently, the CCOCOM (a conglomerate of all Meitei orgn.) also instructed their people not to handover the “looted”(They are handed over, not looted) 4000+ state weapons and over a lakh ammunitions and mortars.

But it really goes further back with dark lords instigating the people of Manipur to fight. Incidents occur to set them up to virulently hate each other as never before. This boiling hatred was created by toxic players with bigger interests at hand.  If one surveys the recent articles revealing the “goldmines” under the forested regions where the Kukis live, it makes one wonder.  Paul Koshy, a social activist wrote, “While on the surface it appears to be an attack on Hill tribals-Kukki by the valley inhabitants -Meitei …. it is certainly important to also understand the motivation of corporates to get easy access to the treasure underground, that is petroleum gas and rare Earth minerals.”What does Biren Singh want, and why is the Central Government still allowing him to continue in his chair?  Why is the Supreme Court not stepping in even after 150 deaths?  Is the battle triggered by treasures in the sand or targeted genocide by frenzied souls with mad ambition ruling with an iron hand, India still has to understand…

“Sawal yeh nahi ki bastiyan kisne jalaayi
Sawal yeh hai ki pagal ke haath mein
Machis Kisne Di.  Zara thande dhimag se sochiye!” says veteran actor, Naseeruddin Shah referring to Manipur.

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