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European Parliament urges Indian govt to stop ethnic, religious violence in Manipur

EuropeEuropean Parliament urges Indian govt to stop ethnic, religious violence in Manipur

The European Parliament has adopted a motion urging the Indian government to stop the ongoing ethnic and religious violence in Manipur.

Manipur is a state in India. The motion also calls for the protection of religious minorities and criticizes the nationalistic rhetoric used by leading members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The European Parliament’s motion, submitted by six parliamentary groups, emphasizes the need for the Indian government to employ all necessary measures to promptly stop the violence and protect religious minorities. It also urges the government to initiate inclusive dialogue with civil society and affected communities to restore calm.

Furthermore, the motion calls for the repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), which is considered unlawful, and highlights the importance of including human rights in the EU-India partnership. It demands the strengthening of the EU-India Human Rights Dialogue to address concerns regarding freedom of expression, religion, and the shrinking space for civil society.

India has expressed its reservations about the EU’s involvement in the matter, stating that it is an internal issue. The Indian government has reportedly hired a Brussels-based lobbying firm, Alber & Geiger, to represent its interests in the European Parliament.

The ethnic conflict in Manipur has been ongoing since May 3rd, resulting in numerous casualties and displacements. The motion adopted by the European Parliament aims to draw attention to the situation and encourage the Indian government to take necessary actions to address the violence and protect the rights of religious minorities.

The situation in Manipur is deeply concerning and tragic. The ongoing political conflict between the Meitei and Kuki people has resulted in a significant loss of life, injuries, destruction of properties, and displacement of thousands of people. The violence has also targeted religious institutions, with numerous churches being destroyed and desecrated, particularly those belonging to the Christian community.

According to reports, within the first 36 hours of the wave of violence in May, approximately 249 churches were destroyed. This has further exacerbated the tensions and added to the suffering of the affected communities. The majority of the tribals in Manipur are Christians, making them particularly vulnerable to these attacks.

As of July 4th, the violence has resulted in the tragic loss of 142 lives, with 17 people reported missing. In response to the crisis, the Centre and the Manipur government have provided financial assistance amounting to ₹101 crore for the management of relief camps and support for those affected.

Given the severity of the situation, it is crucial for all parties involved to work toward a peaceful resolution and prioritize the protection of lives, property, and religious freedom. Efforts should be made to foster inclusive dialogue, involving civil society and affected communities, to address the underlying causes of the conflict and promote reconciliation.

Congress Reaches Out

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited the people of Manipur.  After meeting Governor Anusuiya Uikey at the Raj Bhawan in the State’s capital Imphal, he told journalists that he visited Manipur to share the pain of the people and do whatever it takes to bring peace.

Youth leader Srinivas BV from Congress visits Manipur.

Paul Koshy from Congress tweeted:  “Good @srinivasiyc, that you spent time with the people of #Manipur.  The healing touch is what the people need. It’s the responsibility of every political Party to reach out to the state at this hour.

#Congress is always at the forefront to be with people in distress. Only the ones who have suffered pain, right from the days of freedom struggle can understand the pain of others.

It’s no surprise that neither the PM nor RSS BJP are missing. They got a Nation on a platter without doing anything at all for freedom or for building the Nation.”

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