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India strongly condemns Bucha civilian massacres

EuropeIndia strongly condemns Bucha civilian massacres

External Affairs Minister said India strongly condemns the Bucha massacre, during a debate on the Ukraine crisis in Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

Of note, there was constant reporting on the ground in Ukraine from Gaurav C Sawant senior executive editor and anchor from India Today, interviewing victims of the Bucha massacre and sharing heartbreaking visuals of families including many children killed.

Kira Rudik tweeted, “This is #Bucha. The outskirt of #Kyiv. Russians were killing people with their hands tied behind their backs and left the bodies near the road. I am shaking.”

Photo of a whole Ukrainian family executed including a naked little girl with her hands tied. Luckily Russians left all their documents behind and now Ukrainians are in over driving finding every single Russian soldier who occupied these areas.

#Turkey has joined the global condemnation of the murder of civilians in the town of #Bucha and other cities in #Ukraine and is calling for an independent investigation.

Journalist Yevhen Spirin:  Some of killed children have tied hands. Yes, children were tied up and then killed. Women killed. Girls under 10 with torn vaginas. #Irpin, #Bucha. How to live with it? Is it worth living at all? How to explain it to yourself? How?

Indian anchor, journalist Gaurav Sawant has been covering Ukraine nonstop from the country and his reporting has caught attention.  One netizen tweeted, “Incredible reporting for last month or so by Gaurav Sawant. Kind of traumatic stuff that changes a person – never seen urban carnage and firepower since 1945- Syria or Vietnam happened over time so people could move.

India Today’s @GauravCSawant brings this report from Ukraine’s Kyiv and shares with us the cost of war.
#ITVideo #RussiaUkraineWar

India Breaks Silence

Thus days after the horrendous massacre of civilians in Ukraine’s Bucha, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Lok Sabha on Wednesday strongly condemns the incident, during a debate on the Ukraine crisis in Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

He said, “We strongly condemn the killings that have taken place in Bucha and we support the call for an independent investigation.”  Of note, even China is calling for an investigation.

He urged for instant cessation of hostilities, saying India is encouraging talks between Ukraine and Russia. “This was precisely the message conveyed to Lavrov. If India can be of assistance, we will be glad to consider it.”

Images of mass graves and bodies of civilians reportedly executed in the Kyiv suburb have shaken the world.

India’s condemnation at the UN meeting is the strongest statement it has made since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Delhi has so far refrained from UN votes condemning Russia’s actions.  In a statement on Tuesday at the UN Security Council meeting, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations TS Tirumurti said the country “remained deeply concerned at the worsening situation and reiterates its call for an immediate cessation of violence and end to hostilities”.

“The situation in Ukraine has not shown any significant improvement since the Council last discussed the issue. The security situation has only deteriorated, as well as its humanitarian consequences,” Mr Tirumurti said.

“We hope the international community will continue to respond positively to the humanitarian needs. We support calls urging for guarantees of safe passage to deliver essential humanitarian and medical supplies.”

However, India did not openly name  Russia for the massacre in Bucha, though did ask for investigations and this is the first time India openly condemned the attacks.  However, it is anticipated that as atrocities in Ukraine rise, New Delhi will be under greater pressure to take a clearer stand.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday said that Washington wanted Delhi to scale down its defense dependence on Russia. If his statement is a sign of things to come, India’s policy of pushing for diplomacy over Ukraine will be seriously tested.

Surprisingly, after this, two at least two Indian refiners plan to buy less Saudi oil in May and prefer buying Russian crude oil!

Who has banned Russian Crude Oil and Who is Still Buying

Australia, Britain, Canada, and the United States have charged outright bans on Russian oil purchases following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, but the European Union remains divided.

The bloc’s 27 members have been incapable to agree on a ban, with Germany warning against hasty steps that could push the economy into recession, and, some countries, such as Hungary, opposing any bans.  Germany, however, seeks to phase out Russian oil imports by the end of this year, officials said.

Meanwhile, India and China continue to buy Russian crude oil.

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