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Words have power negatively and positively, be careful how you use them!

Words have immense power and their vibrations saturate the atmosphere, crystallize perceptions that form our beliefs, and create our destiny.

Our words arise out of our souls from things we absorb from what we see, think, read, speak, hear, watch.  Just say “joy” and visualize a bubbling happy spring and you will feel the energy of joy flooding your soul.  Say “hate” and your soul will be sharpened with arrows that poke you with their hate and rage.  Say, “love” and you will start to love people and the world more.

Words are remarkably influential devices that we can practice to uplift our individual energy levels.  Most of the time, we are not aware of the words we speak, read, and expose ourselves to. We say, “I am fed up” and we actually lose hope.  Or we can say, “There is a candle of hope and it will see us through.”  If we keep saying, “We will lose, we are creating a vacuum to make negative energies work against us.”

The negative energies or “spirits” in the atmosphere hear our words and pick them up, and accordingly attach themselves to us if we keep saying negative things.  The negative words of others can quickly change our personal vibrations. Just spend a few minutes with a chronic complainer who keeps on speaking negative words and you will soon feel your energy dry up and start feeling hopeless.  You will walk out of that meeting with a sinking feeling, or will start feeling angry with life, furious with the government and start hating the opposition parties.

Words start first with thoughts in the mind. It is critical to keep your mind flooded with good thoughts.  This does not mean that you close your mind to cruelties and pretend things are fine when they are wrong, but this means that you never should allow your thoughts and words to crystallize.  When something is wrong, do something concrete about it to change it, but don’t keep talking about it.

Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto performed some of the most enthralling experiments on the effect that words have on energy in the 1990s. When frozen, water that’s free from all impurities will form beautiful ice crystals that look exactly like snowflakes under a microscope. Water that’s polluted, or has additives like fluoride, will freeze without forming crystals. In his experiments, Emoto poured pure water into vials labeled with negative phrases like “I hate you” or “fear.” After 24 hours, the water was frozen, and no longer crystallized under the microscope: It yielded gray, misshapen clumps instead of beautiful lace-like crystals. In contrast, Emoto placed labels that said things like “I Love You,” or “Peace” on vials of polluted water, and after 24 hours, they produced gleaming, perfectly hexagonal crystals. Emoto’s experiments proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object. The results of his experiments were detailed in a series of books beginning with The Hidden Messages in Water, where you can see the astounding before and after photos of these incredible water crystals.

The Power of Gratitude
In another experiment, Emoto tested the power of spoken words. He placed two cups of cooked white rice in two separate mason jars and fixed the lids in place, labeling one jar “Thank You” and the other, “You Fool.” The jars were left in an elementary school classroom, and the students were instructed to speak the words on the labels to the corresponding jars twice a day. After 30 days, the rice in the jar that was constantly insulted had shrunk into a black, gelatinous mass! The rice in the jar that was thanked was as white and fluffy as the day it was made. This dramatic example of the power of words is also detailed in Emoto’s books.

We say words like, “I look stupid.”  “No one loves me”  We never think that these words bring negative energy into our vibration and influence us on a physical level, but they do. It is said that sound vibration travels through water four times faster than it does through open air. Our body is over 70% water so negative vibration from negative words travels in our cells. Ancient scriptures tell us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. As it turns out, that’s not a metaphor.

Our brain forms patterns by constantly thinking the same thoughts.  Even if something is false, if we constantly hear it or read it, we will start to believe it. It all depends on the level of exposure we have to things.  Even one repetition has the potential to change our minds. The same goes for pictures, which are just thoughts and ideas concentrated into an image. Repetition increases our mental validation of anything we’re exposed to, which is why it works so well in political propaganda.

Fight this and go on a negative diet.  Replace a negative word with a positive one.  Surround yourself with positive uplifting words and books.  Boost up the positive energetic vibrations of our words so you will have good vibrations flooding you.  As you keep doing this, you use the power of repetition in an extremely powerful way for your benefit. You have the capability to transform your life, and using words consciously is one of the quickest ways to shift the energy you bring into your life.

The Bhagavad Gita:  The Man is made by his belief. …If you want to be great, think great and positive.

The Bible:  Proverbs 15:4 “Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 16:24 “Kind words are like honey-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Proverbs 18:4 “A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook

The Quran:  The Prophet said, “A man speaks a good word without knowing its worth, Allah records for him His Good Pleasure till the day he will meet Him; and a man utters an evil word without realizing its importance, Allah records for him His displeasure till the day he will meet Him.”

Our words are the key that unlocks the door to a greater life of ecstasy and victory.

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