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Farmers complete 100 days of peaceful protest say, “No matter what we have to confront we will fight till our last breath!”

IndiaFarmers complete 100 days of peaceful protest say, “No matter what we have to confront we will fight till our last breath!”

The farmers’ protest is the largest in world history! As the farmers complete 100 days of their peaceful protest on March 6, they will block the six-lane Western Peripheral Expressway, known as Kundli–Manesar–Palwal (KMP) Expressway for five hours, from 11 am to till 4 pm, as announced by Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) Wednesday. The SKM is leading the movement along with Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU).

The farmers’ protest against the Center’s three farm laws started on 9 August 2020  until present; however, the protest took a full-fledged revolution where they started camping at the Delhi border on November 26.  This protest will complete 100 days on Saturday (March 6).

While the Centre has insisted that the three laws are good for the farmers, will bring investment to the market, and the MSP system will remain as it is, the farmers remain unconvinced.  Their main fear is that the laws will degrade them subserviently in the hands of mega corporates. The end of the ‘mandi system,’ where farmers are assured of a minimum price for their produce would sabotage their control of prices and weaken them.

While the government and farmers have reached the 11th round of talks, the government is adamant about implementing the laws, while the farmers demand that they be rolled back.

One farmer’s daughter commented, “No matter what we have to confront, we will fight till our last breath!”

With government and farmers in locked horns, the situation seems to show no ray of hope.

They are willing to fight till their last breath!

Amandeep Singh, a renowned painter has depicted powerful scenes of the farmers’ protest as art has a dynamic way to portray important events in life.


A farmer’s daughter commented, “After being endured regime’s brutality,  our spirit could not be minimized .”


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