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Three pre-poll surveys predict victory for Congress in Karnataka 2023 elections

PoliticsThree pre-poll surveys predict victory for Congress in Karnataka 2023 elections

With all eyes glued to the Karnataka assembly elections, three poll surveys predict a victory for the Congress party to form the government.

Ahead of the election, three opinion polls or pre-election surveys have predicted a major win for Congress, while an opinion poll by Zee News-Matrize has projected a win for the BJP, stating that it would emerge as the single-largest party.

This day May 10th will decide the fate of the South Indian state for the next few years. The question is whether the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will win again or the opposition party Indian National Congress (INC) will form its government after 1999.

The Hindustan Times quoted that the ABP-CVoter opinion poll predicted that the Congress is likely to form the government in Karnataka, while BJP could face a major loss, and Janata Dal might perform below par. The opinion poll stated that out of 224 assembly seats in Karnataka, the Congress might win some 107 to 119 seats, while BJP is likely to bag some 74 to 86 seats and JD(S) can secure between 23 and 35 seats.

The polls suggest that Congress could end up securing some 40 percent vote share, BJP might be five percent behind and is likely to secure 35 percent and JD (S) may get 17 percent of the votes.

Someone tweeted:

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Latest Satta Bazaar predictions

Congress 155-165
BJP 35-45
JDS 20-30

Another opinion poll by India Today-CVoter also predicted that “BJP is likely to lose” in Karnataka’s assembly election. The poll also suggested that the current governing party BJP will secure just 74-86 seats, 24 down from the 2018 election.

As per the opinion poll, opposition leader Siddaramaiah of the Congress party is the most favoured leader with 42 percent, followed by Chief Minister Basaraj Bommai with 31 percent vote.

Similarly, a pre-poll survey conducted by a Kannada outlet Eedina claimed that the Congress appears to be headed for a clear and comfortable majority with 32-140 seats, while BJP is predicted to win 57-65 seats, with a vote share of 33 percent.

However, a poll of Zee News-Matrize and Kannada news channel Suvarna News 24×7 claims that the ruling BJP will again emerge as the single-largest party, followed by Congress and then JD (S).

Congress is trending “Congress winning 150” on Twitter.

Confident of a win, Congress moves forward in an upbeat mood jibing BJP as the 40 percent commission government.

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