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Ram Temple Trust accused of loot, fraud  embezzling crores of rupees

IndiaRam Temple Trust accused of loot, fraud  embezzling crores of rupees

The Ram Temple Trust is now being accused of embezzling crores of rupees in a fraudulent land deal “in the name of Lord Ram.”

AAP MP Sanjay Singh and former Samajwadi Party MLA and Uttar Pradesh minister Pawan Pandey made grave allegations against Champat Rai, General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust saying that under the land deal, a middle man bought a piece of land for Rs 2 crore and sold it to the Ram temple Trust via Champat Rai for Rs 18.5 crore within minutes.

While the Temple Trust rejects these allegations and Champat Rai stated defiantly, “We are not afraid of allegations. We have even been accused of murdering Mahatma Gandhi. We will study the allegations.”

In a press conference in Lucknow on Sunday, AAP MP Sanjay Singh alleged that the Gata number 243, 244, 246 of the land in Ayodhya, which is worth Rs 5 crore 80 lakh, was first purchased for Rs 2 crore.  Soon after this deal, crores of rupees were manipulated by Sultan Ansari in this land purchase. He claimed that the mayor of Ayodhya was also a witness to this scam.

The AAP MP also said that the land was bought at 7.10 pm in the evening for Rs 2 crore and 5 minutes later was sold to the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust for Rs 18 and a half crore. In which Rs 17 crore RTGS was done in 5 minutes. 5 and a half lakh rupees were embezzled in a second!

The Congress party on Sunday also said that scams are taking place in the form of  donations in the name of Lord Ram and Congress’ chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “Lord Ram, what kind of days are these? Scams are happening by taking donations in your name. Shameless robbers are intoxicated with arrogance like Ravana and are selling faith.”

“The question is how the land bought for Rs 2 crore was sold after 10 minutes to ‘Ram Janmabhoomi’ for Rs 18.50 crores?” he asked. “Now it seems… Kans are ruling, Ravana is everywhere!” Surjewala also said in a tweet in Hindi.

AAP, Sanjay Singh and former SP leader, Pawan Pandey are seeking an investigation in a case of money laundering by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate.

Citizens are upset and are voicing their concerns saying that it is a shame that in the name of Lord Ram, the Ram devotees are being duped by the custodians of the Ram Temple.

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