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Congress: “Tejasavi Surya not helping patients but communalising the environment”

HealthCongress: "Tejasavi Surya not helping patients but communalising the environment"

Tejasvi Surya not helping patients, the BJP MP is seen in a video grilling officials along with his uncle, and Mr. Surya strikes out at all the 17 Muslims while his uncle and others call out insults.  All 17 Muslims were sacked. Congress accused him of communalisation.

Congress leaders are upset with this selective act saying that while Indian Muslims with their countless acts of humanity are helping fellow Indians during the #CovidCrisis, and say BJP’s Tejasvi Surya is a hatemonger.

There was alleged corruption and malpractice in allocating beds through the BBMP’s centralized bed allocation system as the employees were appointed to allot beds to the needy, but they have rigged the system in a way to get take bribes from needy patients.

ICU beds were booked in asymptomatic patients’ names and sold to patients who could pay them, thus blocking beds for asymptomatic patients and then taking money from others who needed them and could pay was a big scam.

A video shows Tejasavi Surya not helping patients, the BJP Bangalore South MP, in the municipal COVID war room with three BJP MLAs, grilling officials. One of the MLAs with him is his uncle.

Mr. Surya is seen reading out a list of names of people posted in the Covid facility – all the names are Muslim. After reading 16 of the names he looks up and questions: “Who are all these people? First shift, second shift, night shift. 17 people in the list in three shifts. I will read the list. What was the process of hiring? 17 people. Who are these people?”

These 17 names were singled out from 205 employees in the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palik) Covid war room.

Mr. Surya stops there – but his uncle and MLA Ravi Subramanya is heard shouting, “Have you appointed them for the madrassa or for the Corporation?”

Later, there is more offensive profiling from an MLA who says to a woman official, “Who is this person, Madam? How can he appoint 17 members like a Haj committee?”

Mr. Surya says, “How did you choose them?” Then he adds that he is questioning only the qualifications of the man who made the selection.

“My only question is this. Instead of MBBS – why is BDS (dental doctor) in charge?”

Throughout the exchange, which lasts several minutes, Mr. Surya does not stop the communal comments made by the MLAs.

After Tuesday’s press conference, the list of 16 names started circulating on WhatsApp and from BJP-linked accounts with the caption: “List of people working in the BBMP War Room killing thousands of Bengalurians”.

Bengaluru civic body commissioner Sarfaraz Khan was also targeted on social media, with posts saying he “should be made accountable”. He has written to the Bengaluru police chief Kamal Pant and filed a complaint.

Mr. Khan told NDTV he had nothing to do with the bed allotment process and that the allegations had caused him deep pain. He shared that Mr. Surya had summoned him to clarify that he was not targeting him and that he stood by him.

“I admire political whistleblowers but feel saddened by the communal turn that the events have taken,” Mr. Khan said, continuing that he had been busy helping with burials of COVID victims…”

The people’s anger is justified during a time when tensions are running high and leaders

Congress was furious with Tejasvi Surya, and accused him of communalisation and Islamophobia and outrage poured from citizens and Congress volunteers against Tejasvi Surya’s open discrimination.

Srivatsa Congress leader said:

Front Page headlines in Karnataka – BJP MLA Satish Reddy who was sitting next to
during his ‘expose’ is the KINGPIN of Bed Allocation Scam

Satish put his agents in BBMP War-room to do bed bookings for money

you accused 17 Muslims to protect ur MLA?
MLA Satish kept agents in the same war-room which
‘raided’ & where 17 Muslims worked

80% of bookings were done through his agents & they would abuse BBMP officials when questioned

you purposefully blamed Muslims as u knew your man was the KINGPIN?

While Indian Muslims with their countless acts of humanity are helping fellow Indians during the #CovidCrisis, BJP’s leading hatemonger

While Indian Muslims with their countless acts of humanity are helping fellow Indians during the #CovidCrisis, BJP’s leading hatemonger

is furious that out of 200+ workers, 17 workers were found to be”Muslims”.
#TejasviSuryaExposed as an Islamophobic psychopath

Video: communities”.



When the country is uniting to fight COVID and BJP leaders start attacking communities in a bid to divide India, it is painful.

When a common citizen attacks people of another community, it is painful. When a top leader does the same, it is dangerous because it incites hatred, violence and ultimately leads to genocide.


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