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Why are some people still testing corona positive after the vaccine?

HealthWhy are some people still testing corona positive after the vaccine?

Corona positive after the vaccine? There have been several incidents of people testing positive after taking the jab.  While one takes the vaccine for greater protection, it is really the second dose of the vaccine that provides the full effects of immunity and the interim period between the two doses may prove a little dicey for people with prevailing comorbidities and weaker immunities.

While the death rate has decreased in India (713 deaths yesterday), the recovery rate (over 44,000) is far lower than the infected rate (over 89,000), it is a bit alarming that some people are still catching corona after the first jab.

The reasons for this could be: 

 Weakness and poor immunities:  Some people have poor immunity systems or having a preexisting illness and commodities, which is why they would need to inform the doctors of such. However, it is virtually impossible to know about the level of immunity one has.   The only way to calculate that would be by analyzing how quickly we catch a common cold and flu and other virulent diseases and work on building up immunity before taking the vaccine.

People have stopped following corona guidelines: People have stopped following the precautionary measures such as wearing masks in public, sanitizing hands, maintaining social distancing, and ignoring the other safety protocols as advised by the health ministry.  Right now even the leaders of our nation at the helm are acting nonchalantly about coronavirus guidelines during elections.  They are instead evoking massive rallies with explosive crowds during elections, further strengthening the virus to find hosts on the massive millions of people to thrive stronger, empowering stronger new variants of the corona strains to multiply.

Some may not be taking the second dose on time:  Some health experts say that the people may not be getting the second dose on time or not getting the second dose at all, which is why they caught corona.  This, however, is highly unlikely because, in all the recorded cases, people got fever shortly after the jab and then tested positive when they visited the hospital.

The intense testing for the third phase is not done:  The tests for the third phase have not been completed, nor has it been proven that it is passed.  The third phase calls for vigorous testing of candidates who expose themselves directly to the virus at the risk of their own lives.  Thus, the vaccine has not been tested to the fullest degree due to time constraints and the gravity of the pandemic which has taken over 2,853,383(well over 2 million) lives to date.

While the pandemic rages on mercilessly, time is running out, and scientists, doctors, and health workers are working around the clock urgently needing to get the vaccine out to the public.  In this desperate venture, the vaccine obviously cannot be tested to finesse and perfection, and thus, some people are catching coronavirus after taking the jab, unfortunately.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement saying:

“We are still learning how well vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to others, even if you do not have symptoms.

We are also still learning how long COVID-19 vaccines protect people.

We are still learning how many people have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before most people can be considered protected (population immunity).

We are still learning how effective the vaccines are against new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19.”

The bottom line is that the vaccine cannot grant 100 percent immunity from the virus. Still, the vaccination will reduce the transmission rate for most people, building in the immune antibodies and everyone is urged to get it in order to reduce the chances of transmission to keep others safe too.

COVID-19 is the strangest virus of all times because unlike other viruses where immunity barriers build fast, for this strange striking pandemic stalking the earth, there are no definitions.   No one is sure how long the effect of the vaccine would last, perhaps 8 months.

It would be crucial to build stronger immunities through food and vitamins, masking, distancing since, at present, there is an arrival of more contagious variants.  Thus caution, precaution, and care are the only way going forward and are our best rays of hope going forward.

corona positive after the vaccine?

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corona positive after the vaccine?

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