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Elections more important than pandemic, highest 1, 3793 cases in a day!

HealthElections more important than pandemic, highest 1, 3793 cases in a day!

Elections more important than pandemic? There is a historic surge of the highest ever 1, 3793 cases in a day! However, this does not affect the central government.  Leaders of our nation are at the helm evoking millions to their rallies to harness votes.  With explosive crowds gathering, they are strengthening the virus to find human hosts and multiply.  Recently, a lady even after taking the second dose of the vaccine contracted COVID. Is the Center taking the pandemic seriously or are votes more important than lives?

There are questions rising whether India’s second wave is from a double mutant variant of the coronavirus detected from samples collected. Under investigations are whether the variant, which has two mutations  may be more deadly or less affected by vaccines.  In newer mutations, the older vaccines could become less effective.

The difference between the COVID1-19 virus and the present mutations is the classic signs and symptoms of COVID-19 cause cough, fever, pain, and more predominantly, impaired sense of smell.  In the newer mutations, it appears to escape the immune system and launch vicious attacks on the body, thus disabling the human body to create antibodies, which protect us from a virus. Elections more important than pandemic

Dr. Jeremy Kamil, PhD, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology said, “Earlier in the pandemic, most spike genes had only one mutation – D614G. Now that mutation is dominant and everywhere, “so we see others on top of it.”

He said, “A virus collected in March from the UK has nine spike mutations….that’s a lot of mutations. Are we sure that the Indian variant has only two spike mutations?”

In fact, GISAID, an open sharing database, lists 43 viruses that have both the E484Q and L452R mutations found in India.

The virus if mutates in its normal design of mutations can reinfect someone who has already recovered from COVID-19, thus not providing a way of true recovery. While herd immunity could develop, (Herd immunity happens when a large portion of a community becomes immune to disease through vaccination or through the mass spread of the disease) people with weaker immune systems will be targeted by the virus.

The shocking historic surge of highest ever 1, 3793 cases in a day proves that the virus is moving rapidly and out of control, yet election campaigns are not stopped!   Yesterday, +270 died in the USA while in India +477 died, India second to Brazil of +1,233 deaths.

Dr. Kamil said, “However, mostly it is going to be human behavior that drives a second wave,”

Presently, are our hospitals even equipped to take on the fury of the second wave? Private hospitals are exorbitantly high and there are cases where people with preexisting illnesses were admitted in government hospitals, with ward boys and ayahs running the show rather than nurses, and people report that medicines are not even given to the poorer elderly patients and they die unknown, their families are not even allowed to see them again, and cases are closed.  Masses will die this way eventually.

The Center should be postponing the elections due to the virulent deadly second wave but this will never happen because votes are more important to them than human lives.

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