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DMK Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comment provoked beheading of his head by a Hindu Saint

IndiaDMK Udhayanidhi Stalin's comment provoked beheading of his head by a Hindu Saint

On Monday, Paramhans Acharya made a controversial announcement, offering a 10 crore rupee reward for the beheading of the DMK leader.

DMK youth wing secretary and Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin had made a statement saying that Sanatana Dharma is against equality and social justice and said it should be eradicated.

After this, the DMK leader faced a flurry of comments and said,  “BJP is doing marketing of the word ‘Sanatan ‘ due to his comments against ‘Sanatan Dharma.’ Paramhans Acharya of the Hindu right-wing then declared, “I will pay a 10 crore rupee cash reward to anyone who beheads Stalin and delivers his head to me.”

Responding to Paramhans Acharya’s provocative statement, Udhayanidhi expressed his fearlessness in the face of such threats. He stated that he was following in the footsteps of his grandfather Karunanidhi, who had also faced similar death threats. Udhayanidhi anticipated the reactions to his remarks, acknowledging, “After making that statement at the conference, I already expected strong reactions from people, and now they are unfolding.”

He further explained, “You are all aware of the discussions surrounding ‘Sanatan Dharma’ not only in Tamil Nadu but throughout India in recent days. In Chennai, a conference named the ‘Sanatan Dharma Eradication Conference’ took place two days ago. During that event, I expressed the opinion that ‘Sanatan Dharma’ should be eradicated just like we combat diseases such as mosquitoes, malaria, dengue, cholera, and COVID-19. At that moment, I knew that my words would ruffle many feathers, and indeed they have.”

“From Amit Shah to Nadda, everyone is now talking about Udhayanidhi. Complaints have been filed for my arrest all over India. Today, a so-called saint has placed a bounty on my head, offering 10 crore rupees to whoever beheads me. I have a question for this ‘saint’: What is your fascination with my head? A true saint should not possess 1 crore rupees. Are you a genuine saint or an impostor? I have my doubts about you. Why 10 crore rupees to chop off my head? If you offer me 10 rupees for a comb, I can comb my hair myself,” he quipped.

He went on to draw parallels with the situation his grandfather, Karunanidhi, had faced when a saint had previously offered a reward of one crore rupees for his head. Karunanidhi had humorously responded that even if they offered 100 crores, he couldn’t comb his hair. Udhayanidhi emphasized that he is following the paths of Karunanidhi and Ambedkar, along with the legacy of Periyar, Anbazhagan, and their leader Stalin, who have all worked tirelessly to eradicate ‘Sanatan Dharma.’ He asserted, “The DMK will continue this struggle.”

Udhayanidhi’s remarks at the ‘Sanatana Abolition Conference’ have ignited nationwide outrage. Many leaders and citizens have strongly criticized him for his statement and have called for an apology, especially considering that the DMK is a member of the INDIA alliance.

Meanwhile, Udhayanidhi reaffirmed his commitment to stand by his statements regarding ‘Sanatan Dharma,’ indicating that he is unapologetic and willing to reiterate his position.

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