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Urgent cry of Indian student in Ukraine to Dr. Jais Shankar

IndiaUrgent cry of Indian student in Ukraine to Dr. Jais Shankar

About 20,000 Indian students are stranded in Ukraine; one student penned an urgent message to the Minister of External Affairs of India.

Payal Mulani wrote on February 25th, “@Dr. S. Jaishankar, Sir, I, an Indian citizen am stuck in Mykolaiv in Ukraine at the moment. The whole city is blacked out and we are now under military lockdown. There are hundreds if not thousands of other students stuck here not knowing what to do.

Payal Mulani wrote, “@DrSJaishankar with no recent updates from the Indian embassy and the airspace here being shut we are not aware of any evacuation taking place anytime soon it’s getting harder to keep hoping for the best as the Russian troops invade. WE NEED TO GET OUT.4116396payalmulani@payalmulani2·Feb 25@

She said, “DrSJaishankar THE RUSSIAN TROOPS ARE AT THE MYKOLAIV BORDER RIGHT. NOW. The panic is growing with every passing minute and there are already some suspicious bombing sounds and something needs to be done about it.

“@DrSJaishankar Even with the nearby countries’ borders open to us now we are advised to stay where we are as the inter-city borders ARE NOT SAFE because of the terrifying situation. WE CANNOT SELF EVACUATE.”

@MEAIndia11113342Docshoib@Drshoibent1·22hReplying to @payalmulani2 and @DrSJaishankar “I request the Indian govt to evacuate its citizens immediately from Ukraine. We cannot allow our citizens to die helplessly.”

Many Indian students say they are left with few resources as Russian troops continued their invasion of Ukraine.

For many Indian students in Ukraine, it has now come down to a fight for survival.
“We are very stressed. It is impossible for us to travel to the west border of Ukraine to cross over to neighboring countries like Romania. It’s around 2,000 km away from us. We can’t even go to a nearby supermarket, let alone travel to the western border. We can hear bombing, shelling throughout the day. We’ve not even been told how to move,” Lakshmy, a student at the Kharkiv National Medical University, told NDTV.

Lakshmy has been sheltering in a makeshift bunker in the basement of a building near their private hostel along with other students of the same university.

“All we know is we have to stay in these bunkers. We don’t know how long we can survive like this. Food, water everything is running out. We are eating bananas and biscuits. With the first explosion itself, we lost all Wi-Fi connectivity. Now, we are talking to our families on the internet through our SIM cards.

A netizen  @_AshishBansal replied, “@payalmulani2, Put an Indian flag on your Terrace, It might help you and all.  pray for all my Indian’s safety in Ukraine People who have gone through similar situations abroad, can really understand what’s going on in your mind & how difficult is the situation. Stay calm & keep communicating with one another and do not lose confidence. We all pray for your well-being &  early relief. God Bless👍👍

The situation is very tense, and a student tweeted, “It was told to Indian students here not to worry because they won’t fire in residential areas. This just happened right now. At 12:00 am Ukraine Time 25/02/2022. Literally shaking. We all rushed out to the nearest bunker. I am safe.”


Seemanchal, Himachal Kin Worried for Children in Ukraine

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there are hundreds of families in Seemanchal and Himachal whose kids are either working or studying in Ukraine who are worried about the welfare of their near and dear ones and praying for their safe return.  Most of the people are hiding in bunkers or below metro stations.

Criticism of Indian Government’s Foreign Policy

The Congress criticized PM Modi for his failed foreign policy in his absolute silence during this calamity which actually brought Russia and Pakistan together and emboldened China and tweeted, ”

Forget ‘laal ankh’,
forget ’56” inch chest’,
forget all the fake slogans on “nationalism”,
PM Modi & his silence have failed the nation utterly & completely.

Will he continue down this path? Or will he revamp the strategy to prioritize our nation?”

Perhaps the Prime Minister of India should reach out to a long-time friend as Russia with greater negotiation skills, and help to deescalate the war.  Could leaders like Biden instead of threatening Russia with sanctions talk it out with dialogue is the question.


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