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Delhi’s three-day Latin dance festival ends with sparkling dance performances and social nights

Arts & EntertainmentDelhi's three-day Latin dance festival ends with sparkling dance performances and social nights

The three-day Latin dance festival concluded with a variety of Latin dance performances at IFBC Studio, Saket, New Delhi on Sunday followed by rounds of late-night social dance at Summer House Café, Hauz Khas Delhi.

New Delhi: The festival was organized and hosted by the Lead and Follow, which is one of the most popular dance schools in Delhi NCR for Afro Latin dance form known for its specialization in the field of Afro-Latin dance forms.

In a fantastic first of its kind ever venture, Lead and Follow India, organized this exciting three-day Latin dance festival in the name of ‘Lead O’Latino’, the biggest of its kind in Delhi festival.

It was a power pack festival with social nights and performance nights from 24th to 26th December.

The event hosted exceptionally talented professional dance teachers gathered from all over the country, who provided more than 18 hours of intense training to more than 200 participants.

Along with interactive and engrossing sessions, the festival included competitive battles, concerts, championships, social nights, and much more.

The occasion covered the rich Latin culture extensively exploring the different types Afro-Latin dance forms.

Also, along with a great artist lineup, they provided some best deals for “stay and food pass” to make it easier and more comfortable for those coming from outside Delhi.

They also had the “best place for workshops and social nights and all of this within a radius of 500 meters, which is walking distance.”

It was an exhilarating and thrilling memorable festival to attend, unique for being the first of its kind and food for the soul, enabling one to be charged with the electricity, passion, and magnetic force of Latin dance to leave the event rejuvenated and invigorated.

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