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Ten ways to have a thrilling erotic romantic couple life

LifestyleTen ways to have a thrilling erotic romantic couple life

Often couples are enclosed in boxed silences embarrassed to talk about love with each other and hold back sex and romance due to many reasons.

Here are ten simple ways a couple can enhance their love life

  1. The simple start of it all is to honor and love each other because without this foundation, it is impossible to have a deeper relationship. Learn first to validate each other, this is the key. A man may feel demeaned by negative words his partner speaks, and likewise, a woman may be crushed by the cruel words her man speaks to her, thus love, romance, and sex are on the ebbing tide. In terms of marriage, in India, most marriages are arranged ones, but it is still possible to cultivate love and this is done by focusing on the best points of the person who are living with or married to or are in a relationship with. In your mind, pick up the ten best points and start to appreciate them. If you constantly envision in your mind that destiny brought you together, your love can increase. Love is a decision along with emotion.
  2. Once you decide that you love the person you are with, be spontaneous with sex and never stop the sizzling hot times together.  A romance is blazing hot when you are ready to have sex anywhere in the kitchen, bathroom, just anywhere, and while it sounds crazy, it will be far for exciting for you than a box of chocolates and a bunch of roses. This will keep the fire on.  Try never to say no unless you are tired, ill, or have other reasons, but be open most of the time, because if a couple cut out the sex or limit it, their connections will start to cut.
  3. It is studied that men are more turned on by visuals and thus it will reward the relationship if his partner sensually dresses up for him.  Women are turned on by smartness and thus men too will be wonderfully revered and remunerated for efforts to present themselves well.
  4. Start going out for dates, take holidays in exotic beautiful scenic places alone.  If you cannot afford those expensive holidays or for other reasons  you can’t go, then start where you are. Take long walks together, sit in the warm early morning sun and talk to each other, go out for long drives and look for beautiful romantic spots, listen carefully to the heart of your lover, spouse, and make your spouse your precious lover.
  5. Hug each other often and speak words of endearment, call each other loving nicknames and build up a conversation of love.  Never be embarrassed to be expressive.  Most Indians especially are not vocal with their emotions and keep them bottled in, and start to find greater release with a fresh person, but it is achievable to build up a deeper intimacy with your spouse.
  6. Just say no to the family bed and ensure your children have their own rooms and beds as the family bed will sabotage your intimacy as a couple thus throw out your little angels and they will be fine, and your marriage will thrive.
  7. Text your lover, husband, or wife during the day, even a word so a tie is on and they know your love is strong. If it is R-rated, just pray your phones don’t get hacked or confiscated.
  8. After a long workday, let there be sweet refreshings of a drink, a chill time, bath time, whatever so that both partners will be ready to take on the evening in a fresh way, both will feel energized, refreshed, and loved. No nagging or complaining absolutely in your relationship! That is a definite killer.
  9. Learn to give each other space apart from intimacy, as too much proximity also sabotages a relationship where one partner starts to feel choked. Let there be spaces in your togetherness and build up your own life, be strong, confident, powerful, and capable in yourself because that is the greatest attraction to your partner. Leaning too much on each other can cause one or both of you to drift apart.
  10. Just love, enjoy, laugh, give, share, and be ready for sex and intimacy, stop complaining and give each other space and the romance and love will start to sizzle,

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