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In Uttar Pradesh, cops piercing nails on hands, feet of those without masks

IndiaIn Uttar Pradesh, cops piercing nails on hands, feet of those without masks

In a new horror in Uttar Pradesh, people who are going out without masks are being pierced on hands and feet by the UP police.

The incident happened to a man called Ranjit, who sells garbage, and occurred on the 24th of May.  It is reported by his mother who initially could not believe that her son was drilled by nails for not wearing a mask but to her shock discovered it was true.

While the SP is denying this, according to the journalists’ reports, the UP police cannot be believed because of the illegal atrocities they commit to even include overturning empty vehicles and call it an accident.

In a stunning video, a mother was telling the media that her son Ranjit was returning from work without a mask and the cops grabbed him and pierced his hands and feet with nails! The police dismiss this saying that he pierced the nails himself to defame the police.

Ranjit in the hospital describes the incident saying that as he was returning from work, without a mask, the police caught him and first started beating him with sticks, and verbally abusing him, then tied his hands and feet, they tore his ear until it bled, and they hammered in 2 nails, one on hand and one on feet.  Ranjit was in tears as he recounted the incident.

Everyone knows how the UP police do fake encounters, how they have killed people and harrassed poor Muslims, so it does not hold water when they deny piercing the boy with nails.

While the UP police are trying to insist that he did it on himself, different atrocities occur by the police in different parts of UP.  One month ago, a subzi walla, selling vegetables and because he was not wearing a mask was brutally beaten to death by the police.  The SP had to be suspended and others removed.

Is this Ram Rajya or is this a barbarian raj?  Definitely, Yogi Adityanath has given his cops an upper hand to inflict barbarities on the citizens.  But is this why citizens elect governments, to be tormented by them?  This is nothing short of terrorism using force to frighten and intimidate people to keep them in line.

Yogi Adityanath may be having savage roots of cruelty and for him, image matters to him more than lives and in order to protect his “image”, he orders brutality beyond the law on the people in Uttar Pradesh.  It is obvious that he does not follow any letter of the law in the land of India and it is horrifying that in the midst of these evils, the Supreme Court of India does not pull him up. Yes, right now, who else but the Supreme Court, but unfortunately, it appears the Constitution books are closed and the Courts are sleeping.

Uttar Pradesh needs another chief minister and the police force has to start hiring human beings as cops from now on.

Link to the video reporting this atrocity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjqepPSLh3A

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