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20 youth in Kashmir arrested for raising Palestinian flags in solidarity

India20 youth in Kashmir arrested for raising Palestinian flags in solidarity
20 youth in Kashmir arrested for raising the Palestinian flag in solidarity
20 youth in Kashmir arrested for raising the Palestinian flag in solidarity

With emotions running high during the recent war sparked off between Israel and Palestine where at least hundreds of Palestinians were killed including 30 children, and around seven Israelis, Kashmiris stood in solidarity with Palestine and on Saturday, 20 Kashmiris have been arrested in connection with the pro-Palestine demonstration amid the Corona curfew in Srinagar.

In Kashmir, people have gone out on rallies on the streets to show solidarity with the Palestinians with graffiti, flags and posters demonstrated in support of Palestine.

Official sources and reports reaching Global News Service (GNS) said that the police have arrested these persons from several places of Srinagar.  On Friday a protest was held in the Mir Behri area of interior Dal Lake. People raising pro-Palestine and Pro-Kashmir slogans marched in the interiors of the lake. The video of the act later went viral on social.

A similar protest was held in the Padshahi Bagh area of Srinagar, youth assembled near the bridge of the locality and burned the Israeli flag, they also raised anti-Israel slogans during the demonstration.

Inspector-General of Police Kashmir Vijay Kumar confirmed to GNS the arrest of 20 persons in Srinagar.

This comes amid a devastating onslaught on Gaza by Israeli forces where over 110 people have been killed in Gaza, while hundreds have been injured in Israel Defence Force (IDF) airstrikes.

Meanwhile, on the developments, IGP reiterated that Police were “keeping a very close watch on elements who are attempting to leverage the unfortunate situation in Palestine to disturb public peace and order in the Kashmir valley.”

“We are a professional force and are sensitive to public anguish. But J-K police has a legal responsibility to ensure law and order as well. It, however, wouldn’t allow cynical encashment of the public anger to trigger violence, lawlessness and disorder on Kashmir streets,” he said, adding, “Expressing opinion is a freedom but engineering and inciting violence on streets is unlawful.

All irresponsible social media comments that results in actual violence and breaking of law including Covid protocol will attract legal action.” He said people are urged to cooperate. (with GNS inputs)

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants continues to escalate. Israeli warplanes struck several buildings and roads in a vital part of Gaza City earlier today. Indian journalist bodies condemn Israeli airstrike on Gaza building housing.

Indian journalist bodies including the Editors Guild of India (EGI) on Sunday firmly condemned the ”brazen” Israeli airstrikes on a building in Gaza that housed the offices of the Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other news media outlets. The EGI said in a statement that given the recent background of the ”escalating conflict” in this region, it sees this airstrike as ”a de facto attack on the news media by the Israeli government” that can disrupt the flow of news from this highly volatile region and have global security implications.

”The Editors Guild of India strongly condemns the brazen airstrikes on a building in Gaza that housed the editorial offices of Al Jazeera and the Associated Press,” the EGI said. It also demanded that the Israeli government give ”a detailed justification” of the decision-making behind this attack ”along with evidentiary proof”. ”The Guild also calls for the Israeli government to facilitate an UN-monitored investigation into this bombing raid,” it added.

”Further, the Guild urges the Indian government to take up this issue with the Israeli government, demanding an independent inquiry and reiterating the need for ensuring the safety of journalists in any conflict situation,” the statement said.

Arresting Kashmiri youth for merely expressing their emotions, that too in the heat of the pandemic is incorrect, revealing clamping freedom of expression because all over the world, people are taking sides, pro-Palestine or Pro Israel and this is their Democratic right.  As long as India is declared a democracy, the police force has no right to arrest nonviolent people and there has been no sign of violence.  The BJP government’s throttling of voices is not going to go well for them in the long drive.  It is a time to build and repair and not crush and suppress.

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