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Shocking murders of 2 minor Dalit girls in UP, tied in jungle, third girl survives but critical

IndiaShocking murders of 2 minor Dalit girls in UP, tied in jungle, third girl survives but critical

Unnao, Uttar Pradesh: Barbarity in Unnao when 3 minor Dalit girls found with hands and legs tied; 2 dead, 1 survived.

Three girls were found in a field in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. The hands and legs of the three girls were tied. It is reported that the girls had gone to get fodder for their cattle. Two of the girls died, while one is in critical condition, fighting for her life.  The doctor mentions her pupils were dilated on arrival to the hospital.  He said that prima facie, it appears that there is brain damage with a small chance of survival. The doctor suspects that the girl might have been poisoned to death.  On the recommendation of the district hospital, the girl is now shifted to Kanpur.

Senior cops including the IG Lucknow range reached the crime spot after receiving its report.

It is reported the girls had gone to cut grass for fodder for their cattle and did not come back.  On searching for them, they found them later, unconscious in their own farmland in Asoha, Unnao, today.  They were tied in their own clothes and abandoned.   The doctor states that there are symptoms of poisoning and a probe is on per the Superintendent of Police of Unnao.  The family states they had no rivalries with anyone.

SP, Anand Kulkarni, of Unnao says, “We will record everyone’s statement and probe accordingly.”

The further probe will be based on post mortem: ADG Prashant Kumar

According to one report, it is said all three girls were minors, Kajal (12) and Komal (16) died. It is alleged to be rape and then murder.

The doctor who attended to the injured girl said that her pupils were dilated and she was in an unconscious state when she was brought to the facility.

The family does not have money to treat the girl left alive in Unnao Case. The family is collecting funds and is treating the girl at Regency Hospital in Kanpur.

A cop privy to the case said that the statements are being recorded. Further probe is underway.

Series of heinous sadistic crimes of rape and murder of women accompanied with body mutilations, slitting of necks, strangulation, and burning women alive after raping them have become incessant barbaric occurrences over the last few years in Uttar Pradesh.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) published the annual Crime in India Report 2018 reports that that Uttar Pradesh topped the list of violent crimes, rapes, with murder, with 59,445 cases.  Thousands of cases are unreported and unrecorded due to the shame stigma associated with rape on women.

Jungle Raj is presently running in Uttar Pradesh where the goons rule the roost:  In most of the cases, the upper-class Hindu young men raped and murdered the Dalit girls.  The system metrics from the UP government have unleashed goons to establish fear in Uttar Pradesh. Thus, the goons are on a rampage, with an agenda to evoke fear in the state.

Rioting, vandalism, burning, raping, and murders are on the rise, but cops and political leaders have closed their eyes and the rapes and murders continue.

In the past, in some cases, after rapists were released from jail, they were garlanded by certain BJP leaders and venerated for their crimes. This sent vibes across the nation that such goons are highly esteemed and could get away with violent rapes and murders.

Such goons are empowered to do whatever they want and know the law is on their side.  In the last rape-murder in Hathras, the victim’s statement that she was raped was disbelieved while the “boys” were protected.  The postmortem report confirmed that she was raped, though the government and family were denying it.

Unfortunately, if the government’s main focus is communal politics with attacks of lynching Dalits and Muslims and rising rapes with murders, it appears the government’s priorities are elsewhere.  In a climate breeding hate, fear, and violence, how can any government prosper?  How can India go forward?  It is almost impossible because in an atmosphere of fear and hate, prosperity is snuffed out, creativity is killed and inventory spirits dry up.

Conclusion: On August 5, 2020, in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, laid the foundation stone, a symbolic silver brick, for the Ayodhya Ram temple. As they are propagating a Ram Rajya, it is important the government takes note that it is also supposed to reflect principles of peace, love, and tolerance. The saffron color of OM represents peace, love, dedication, and tolerance towards all living things God created.  Unfortunately, today when we see the saffron flag or saffron, our senses are conditioned to associate it with lynching, raping, violence and death.  Politicized religion has destroyed concepts of peace in Hinduism.

Will the Uttar Pradesh government, when boasting about their superiority and even high ideals actually understand that its empowering of goons is destroying not only the people but also hurting India?  The Center often blames the Opposition for spoiling its name abroad, but in reality, such behavior allowed by top BJP leaders is sabotaging the reputation of India and bringing a bad name on BJP themselves. No one has to do much to destroy their reputation because they are doing it to themselves.

Politicized religion and caste politics are toxic for the world.

Congress party raised voices of concern and wrote on Twitter.  Many other political parties are speaking up and the nation is shocked at these recurring rapes and murders.

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