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Monsoon Advances, Set To Bring Relief From Heatwave

IndiaMonsoon Advances, Set To Bring Relief From Heatwave

The monsoon is advancing after stalling for more than a week, set to cover central parts of India in the coming days and bring relief from the heatwave affecting the grain-growing northern plains, according to senior weather officials.

Crucial for the economic growth of Asia’s third-largest economy, summer rains typically start in the south around June 1 and spread nationwide by July 8. This monsoon allows farmers to plant essential crops such as rice, cotton, soybeans, and sugarcane.

“Monsoon is reviving. It was stuck after covering most of Maharashtra, but by the weekend, it will enter Madhya Pradesh,” stated an official from the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Heavy rains are expected to hit western and southern regions next week, with central parts beginning to receive rainfall as well.

The monsoon arrived nearly two days ahead of schedule in Maharashtra, which houses Mumbai, the commercial capital, but progress stalled for nearly a week in central and eastern states.

The monsoon is vital for India’s $3.5-trillion economy, supplying around 70% of the rain needed to water farms, refill reservoirs, and replenish aquifers. Swift advancement is expected from next week, promising to lower temperatures in northern India, another weather official noted.

The heatwave in northern states is predicted to ease by the weekend. Currently, temperatures range between 42°C and 46°C (108°F to 115°F), which is 3°C to 5°C above normal, based on IMD data.

Since the monsoon season began on June 1, India has received 18% less rainfall than normal, according to the IMD.

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