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“PM Modi: India Emerges as One of the World’s Fastest-Growing Major Economies”

India"PM Modi: India Emerges as One of the World's Fastest-Growing Major Economies"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Sindri, Dhanbad, on Friday, highlighting India’s economic achievements and its path towards becoming a developed nation by 2047. PM Modi noted a growth rate of 8.4 percent in the December quarter.

During his speech, PM Modi recognized the significant progress made in the last decade, particularly in Jharkhand, with development initiatives targeting the tribal community, the poor, youth, and women. He reiterated the commitment to achieve the vision of a “Viksit” (developed) India before 2047, emphasizing Jharkhand’s role in this endeavor.

PM Modi expressed confidence in Jharkhand, citing its historical significance as the land of freedom fighter Birsa Munda, and its potential to contribute to India’s development.

Chief Minister Champai Soren emphasized the need to improve irrigation facilities in Sindri and highlighted the positive impact of the newly inaugurated fertilizer plant on the state’s agriculture sector.

Union Minister Arjun Munda reiterated the government’s dedication to the agriculture sector, noting a significant increase in agricultural produce from 265 million tonnes in 2013-14 to 329 million tonnes in 2022-23. He also highlighted the substantial rise in budget allocation for the agriculture sector, from Rs. 21,933 crores in 2013-14 to Rs. 1,15,531 crores in 2023-24.

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