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RBI Governor’s 10 Significant Announcements: From Unchanged Key Rate to GDP Growth

EconomyRBI Governor's 10 Significant Announcements: From Unchanged Key Rate to GDP Growth

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das delivered a comprehensive assessment of both the domestic and global economic scenarios today, shedding light on India’s financial well-being and delineating the central bank’s strategies and focal points.

Here are the key pronouncements by Governor Das:

  1. Domestic economic activity exhibits resilience; real GDP growth projected at 7% for FY25.
  2. CPI inflation displays a trend of moderation interspersed with occasional spikes; continuous vigilance is imperative.
  3. On the global front, markets are preemptively adjusting to central banks’ anticipated policy shifts.
  4. Central banks exercise caution, awaiting more sustained indications of declining inflation.
  5. Active management of liquidity to be undertaken by the RBI.
  6. The implementation of multifaceted policies has effectively upheld financial stability.
  7. The RBI diligently monitors and addresses signs of stress at systemic, sectoral, and institutional levels.
  8. Emphasis on good governance, robust risk management, and adherence to compliance standards underscores the RBI’s approach; regulated entities must prioritize these aspects.
  9. The external sector remains resilient; the current account deficit (CAD) to be aptly managed.
  10. The stability of the Indian rupee’s exchange rate has been maintained.

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