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Fifth Incident This Year: Indian-Origin Student, 23, Found Dead in US Park

IndiaFifth Incident This Year: Indian-Origin Student, 23, Found Dead in US Park

An Indian-origin student was discovered deceased in the US this week, marking the fifth such incident this year. Sameer Kamath, a doctoral candidate at Purdue University in Indiana, was found dead at a nature reserve on Monday evening, as confirmed by the Warren County Coroner’s office in a statement.

The 23-year-old had recently completed his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in August 2023 and held US citizenship, according to the statement. He was on track to finish his doctoral program by 2025.

Officials stated that a forensic autopsy would be conducted today, with the report expected to be released soon.

This occurrence follows closely on the heels of another tragic incident involving an Indian-origin student at Purdue University. Neel Acharya was also found dead recently on the campus grounds, following a missing person report filed by his mother.

Gaury, Neel’s mother, had turned to social media for assistance in locating him, mentioning that the last known sighting of Neel was by an Uber driver who dropped him off at the campus.

In a separate incident last week, 19-year-old Shreyas Reddy was discovered deceased in Ohio. Authorities have ruled out foul play or any indication of a hate crime in this case.

Furthermore, Vivek Saini, an MBA student in Lithonia, Georgia, tragically lost his life on January 16 after being assaulted by a homeless individual. The altercation occurred when Saini declined to provide free food to the assailant, resulting in fatal injuries sustained from repeated strikes.

These distressing incidents underscore the challenges faced by the large Indian student community in the United States, which comprises over 300,000 individuals. Factors such as mental stress, loneliness, and exposure to substance abuse are identified as contributors to the severity of such cases. Experts stress the importance of heightened awareness and support systems to address the mental health needs of international students effectively.

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