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Modi Predicts Landslide Victory: “BJP to Secure Minimum 370 Seats, NDA Expected to Surpass 400”

IndiaModi Predicts Landslide Victory: "BJP to Secure Minimum 370 Seats, NDA Expected to Surpass 400"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered what could be his last speech in the Lok Sabha before the upcoming general election, confidently asserting that a third term for him was inevitable. During his address, he boldly claimed that the BJP would secure a staggering 370 seats on its own, while the NDA coalition would exceed 400 seats.

Turning his speech into a full-blown election rally, Modi spared no punches in targeting the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family, particularly Rahul Gandhi, in an apparent effort to weaken the opposition’s morale before the polls.

Expressing confidence in his imminent third term, Modi declared, “My third term is not very far away. It is just 100-125 days away, and this time the entire country is saying 400-plus.” He assured the nation that significant decisions would mark his forthcoming tenure as Prime Minister.

Mocking the opposition parties, Modi appreciated their resolution to remain in opposition for an extended period, insinuating their diminishing prospects. He directed most of his criticism towards the Congress, suggesting that their days in politics were numbered and predicting their members would soon be relegated to the visitors’ gallery of Parliament.

Without mentioning Rahul Gandhi by name, Modi ridiculed the Congress’s repeated attempts to revive its fortunes, stating, “The Congress had a good opportunity to play a good Opposition but failed in that role.”

Addressing accusations of dynastic politics, Modi emphasized his opposition to family-dominated parties while defending the entry of multiple family members into politics, provided it was based on merit and public support.

Accusing Nehru and Indira Gandhi of disparaging remarks about Indians, Modi claimed they had underestimated the country’s potential. He accused the Congress of elitism and disdain towards the nation’s poor, asserting that they never trusted India’s capabilities.

Despite interruptions from the opposition, Modi remained focused on his critique of the Congress, ignoring demands to address specific issues like the situation in Manipur and the Bilkis Bano case.

Regarding corruption allegations against opposition leaders, Modi pledged to continue the fight against corruption, promising that those who looted the country would be held accountable.

Looking ahead, Modi outlined his vision for India’s future, aiming to make it the third-largest economy globally by 2047, a target he confidently asserted would be achieved under his leadership.

As Modi concluded his speech, BJP members showered him with applause and chants of “Modi, Modi,” reflecting the fervor of his supporters as the nation braces for the upcoming elections.

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