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‘Congress Stays Optimistic: INDIA Bloc and Rahul Gandhi Remain on Track Despite Setbacks in Bengal and Bihar’

India'Congress Stays Optimistic: INDIA Bloc and Rahul Gandhi Remain on Track Despite Setbacks in Bengal and Bihar'

Senior Congress leaders are maintaining a composed stance despite recent setbacks, including Nitish Kumar’s departure from the INDIA bloc and Mamata Banerjee’s critical comments about the party’s role in Bengal. According to them, these developments have strengthened the Congress’s credibility and eliminated the possibility of a non-BJP, non-Congress “third front.”

A senior Congress leader expressed the belief that these events will help the public make informed decisions. With the clarity that only Congress possesses the political maturity to lead the anti-BJP struggle, there is optimism that people will recognize the need to support Rahul Gandhi as electioneering intensifies in the coming weeks.

The Congress perceives the massive turnout at the Nyay Yatra in Assam, Bengal, and Jharkhand, where the party has weaker organizational roots, as an indication of a growing recognition of Rahul’s central role in the fight against Narendra Modi.

Rahul’s measured response to Mamata’s criticism and his avoidance of escalating tensions demonstrate political maturity. Key INDIA partners like the DMK, NCP, Shiv Sena, RJD, and JMM have remained steadfast in solidarity, showing no signs of wavering after Nitish Kumar’s exit.

While addressing internal issues within the coalition, the Congress emphasizes the importance of coalition dharma. Even when faced with criticism from Akhilesh Yadav, the party has maintained a diplomatic silence, reaffirming the commitment to inclusive collaboration.

The party leadership, including Mallikarjun Kharge and Jairam Ramesh, consistently welcomes all INDIA partners to join the Nyay Yatra, emphasizing the shared goal of defeating the BJP. Despite Mamata’s critical remarks, the Congress acknowledges her role in preventing the BJP from dominating the Opposition space in Bengal.

Some INDIA leaders express concern over Mamata’s predictions of doom for the Congress and personal attacks on Rahul. However, the Congress remains confident of its electoral prospects, anticipating improved tallies in various states.

In response to Mamata’s skepticism, Sanjay Raut of the Shiv Sena asserts confidence in the Congress winning 150 seats. The party anticipates gains in southern states and aims to open its account in Delhi, Gujarat, and Himachal.

While recognizing the need for strategic positioning in some states, alliance leaders emphasize the collective effort to expose the BJP and counter false narratives rather than unraveling the Opposition alliance. Overall, Rahul Gandhi is credited for effectively navigating the challenges and maintaining the unity of the INDIA alliance.

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