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‘Amid Speculation of Party Division, Congress Moves Bihar MLAs to Hyderabad’

India'Amid Speculation of Party Division, Congress Moves Bihar MLAs to Hyderabad'

On Sunday, the Congress orchestrated the relocation of its Bihar MLAs to Hyderabad, sparking speculation of a potential party split. However, party leaders dismissed these rumors, characterizing the move as part of a strategic “khela” (game) aimed at reinstating the Mahagathbandhan government in Bihar.

Given that Bihar is currently under NDA rule, the decision to shift the Congress MLAs to Hyderabad, a Congress-governed territory in Telangana, is seen as a precautionary measure against any possible poaching attempts by the BJP.

The Congress MLAs have been instructed to return to Patna on February 12, coinciding with the day of the NDA government’s floor test. This move mirrors a similar strategy employed by Jharkhand’s ruling JMM-Congress-RJD-CPIML alliance, which also relocated its MLAs to Hyderabad ahead of a trust vote.

In Hyderabad, both Congress and Jharkhand MLAs are accommodated in the same resort, Leonia Holistic Destination. The decision to move Bihar Congress MLAs came after a meeting in Delhi on Friday, chaired by party president Mallikarjun Kharge, addressing the changed political landscape in Bihar.

Bihar Congress president Akhilesh Prasad Singh expressed confidence in forming the government in Bihar, asserting that the MLAs would return to Patna on the day of the trust vote. He dismissed rumors of a party split as baseless.

Amidst this political maneuvering, concerns about a potential split within the NDA also surface. Delay in the Nitish cabinet expansion is attributed to fears of disgruntled legislators aligning with the RJD-Congress alliance. While the NDA, with 128 MLAs, is expected to secure the confidence vote, the Opposition alliance’s strength of 114 adds suspense. The possibility of a few MLAs shifting loyalties or absenteeism could sway the balance.

Sources within the NDA suggest that efforts are underway to mitigate the perceived threat by potentially splitting the Congress. NDA leaders believe that such a split would not only demoralize the Congress but also impact the entire INDIA bloc. The political landscape in Bihar remains dynamic, with strategic moves unfolding as the state approaches a crucial political juncture.

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