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Nitish Kumar Changes Allegiance Once More, Sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister for the 9th Occasion: Unraveling His Political Maneuvering

IndiaNitish Kumar Changes Allegiance Once More, Sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister for the 9th Occasion: Unraveling His Political Maneuvering

Unraveling the Intricate Political Odyssey of Nitish Kumar’s Ninth Term as Bihar CM

The repeated ascension of Nitish Kumar to the position of Bihar Chief Minister, marking his ninth term in office, reveals a larger and relatively unexplored truth. Throughout his extensive political career, Nitish has never secured a solitary victory in the state’s mandate, relying on strategic alliances to navigate the complex political landscape. Despite lacking a dominant political base or significant legislative numbers, he continues to masterfully maneuver the realms of politics, making his story a captivating tale of the improbable.

Nitish’s recent shift from the INDIA camp back into the fold of the NDA not only impacts the Congress-led efforts but also contributes to the Modi-Shah combine’s pursuit of “record” Lok Sabha numbers in the upcoming elections. His political journey unfolds as a saga of alliances and betrayals, a narrative with few parallels in contemporary politics. The paradox lies in Nitish’s ability to repeatedly switch sides without a substantial political base, maintaining control over the political game.

A decade ago, Nitish’s leadership brought a significant period of development and governance to Bihar. However, since Narendra Modi assumed office as Prime Minister in 2014, Nitish’s focus has shifted towards retaining power through successive alliances. The question arises: How does he manage to stay at the helm with such low levels of trust across the political spectrum?

The answer may lie not with Nitish himself, but with the alliances he alternately embraces and abandons. While Lalu Prasad’s RJD carries the burden of a controversial tenure in power, the BJP lacks both inspiring local leadership and a broad social base. Despite internal reluctance within the state BJP regarding Nitish’s leadership, the Modi-Shah establishment considers him crucial for achieving their electoral goals.

The oath-taking ceremony, where Nitish Kumar was sworn in as Chief Minister for the ninth time, also saw the induction of ministers, including two deputy chief ministers from the BJP. The political landscape in Bihar may witness a shift post the Lok Sabha elections, depending on the BJP’s performance.

In a visibly untroubled manner, Nitish expressed his commitment to the NDA and cited issues within the Mahagathbandhan as the reason for his return. As political dynamics evolve, the coming years may bring changes to Bihar’s power balance. The Prime Minister congratulated the newly formed NDA government, expressing confidence in their dedication to the state’s development.

Amidst the political maneuvering, the RJD faced a day of despair, with Tejashwi Yadav predicting the end of the JDU in 2024. Despite the challenges, Nitish Kumar remains at the center of Bihar’s political stage, navigating alliances and securing his position with a pragmatic approach.

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