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Joe Biden Vows Retaliation as Iran-Backed Group’s Drone Strike Claims Lives of 3 US Troops in Jordan

UAEJoe Biden Vows Retaliation as Iran-Backed Group's Drone Strike Claims Lives of 3 US Troops in Jordan

President Joe Biden announced on Sunday that the United States “shall respond” following a drone strike by an Iran-backed group that resulted in the deaths of three American troops and injuries to dozens more in northeast Jordan near the Syrian border.

Biden, attributing the attack to Iran-backed militias, expressed condolences and pledged a response. The incident marks the first U.S. fatalities from such attacks since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.

The U.S. is working to identify the specific group responsible for the drone strike, with indications pointing to one of several Iranian-backed factions. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin affirmed the commitment to defend U.S. interests, while Biden stated that the U.S. would hold those responsible accountable at a time and manner of its choosing.

The drone strike targeted a logistics support base in Jordan known as Tower 22, used mainly for the advise-and-assist mission for Jordanian forces. The U.S. military base at al-Tanf in Syria, critical for logistical support, is in close proximity to Tower 22.

The attack represents an escalation of tensions in the region, with Iranian-backed militias having targeted U.S. military installations in Iraq and Syria in the past months. The situation is fluid, with ongoing efforts to assess and respond to the incident.

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