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Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah Approve Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Rejoining of the NDA

IndiaPrime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah Approve Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Rejoining of the NDA

The Modi-Shah leadership has reportedly made the decision to welcome Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar back into the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), disregarding objections from the Bihar BJP. This move is seen as part of their strategy to achieve a “record victory” in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Nitish Kumar, who previously took steps to unite the opposition against Modi, is now expected to break away from the INDIA bloc and realign with the BJP, according to sources within the ruling party in India.

If this realignment occurs, Nitish Kumar, the leader of the Janata Dal United, will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the seventh time, leading an NDA government. The sources suggest that these developments are likely to unfold in the coming days.

During a meeting with Amit Shah on Thursday, Bihar BJP leaders expressed reservations about aligning with Nitish, whom they deemed “unreliable.” They argued that the state BJP could defeat the ruling Grand Alliance in an election and cautioned against trusting Nitish again.

Although Shah had previously stated that the BJP’s doors were closed to Nitish forever, he reportedly listened to the concerns without expressing his opinion. Later, he gave the green light for a renewed alliance with the JDU, according to sources. On Friday, Shah and other senior BJP leaders convened a meeting to finalize the details of the realignment.

“In politics, doors are never closed permanently. Doors are opened and closed according to the need of the hour,” remarked Bihar BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, who attended the meeting with Shah.

Insiders attribute the decision to renew ties with Nitish to electoral considerations. With Modi aiming for a third consecutive term with a record margin, the BJP hopes to surpass the highest-ever tally of 414 seats achieved by Rajiv Gandhi in the December 1984 elections.

“Riding on Modi’s popularity alone, the BJP can easily win at least half the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar. An alliance with Nitish can turn this into a clean sweep for the NDA,” commented a BJP leader. The move is also seen as a strategic move to impact opposition unity, dealing a significant blow to the INDIA bloc if Nitish Kumar decides to switch sides.

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