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SAMCO’s Nilesh Sharma on Breaking New Ground in FnO Trading with Advanced Tools

IndiaSAMCO’s Nilesh Sharma on Breaking New Ground in FnO Trading with Advanced Tools

Title: SAMCO Securities Revolutionizes F&O Trading for Retail Investors with Free Access to Advanced Tools

Futures and Options (F&O) trading in India, traditionally dominated by institutional investors and seasoned traders, is experiencing a surge in retail investor participation. According to data from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the number of retail traders in the F&O segment skyrocketed from 7.1 lakhs in FY19 to an impressive 45.2 lakhs in FY22 — marking a staggering 500% increase.

This growing interest is attributed to the perceived lucrativeness of F&O trading for high returns, coupled with the accessibility provided by digital trading platforms. However, a concerning trend emerges as a significant number of retail traders are facing losses, highlighting the need for better education and tools in this complex market.

Nilesh Sharma, Executive Director & President of SAMCO Securities, sheds light on the fundamental challenges faced by F&O traders in India: “F&O trading involves complex financial instruments with inherently high risks. The allure of quick profits often overshadows the potential financial risks, resulting in a situation where many individual traders find themselves on the losing side.”

In response to this challenge, SAMCO Securities is committed to empowering traders by making essential tools, including options Greeks, Trading View charts, and post-trade analytics through My Trade Story, readily accessible on mobile devices.

Nilesh’s concerns are corroborated by recent findings from SEBI, revealing that an overwhelming 89% of individual derivative traders have reported losses in the F&O segment, with an average loss per trader of approximately Rs 1.1 lakh.

To address the discrepancy in the F&O trading ecosystem, SAMCO Securities is taking a proactive approach. The company aims to democratize access to advanced trading tools, recognizing that limited access to such tools contributes to traders relying on incomplete information, increasing the likelihood of losses.

Sharma explains, “Limited access to advanced trading tools for the average trader is a primary issue. Sophisticated tools, though essential for making informed F&O trading decisions, often come at a premium, making them inaccessible to many retail traders.”

SAMCO Securities is bridging this gap by offering tools like options Greeks, Trading View charts, and post-trade analytics through My Trade Story free of charge to their clients, leveling the playing field and empowering traders to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Key Insights from SEBI’s Report:

SEBI’s report indicates an 89% loss rate among individual derivative traders in the retail F&O trading segment.

Average losses per trader stand at Rs 1.1 lakh.

The surge in F&O traders by over 500% in three years has not seen a commensurate rise in success rates, highlighting a critical gap in the trading ecosystem.

Addressing the Challenge:

SAMCO Securities identifies the limited access to advanced trading tools as a significant contributor to losses in F&O trading.

The company aims to democratize access to advanced tools, offering options Greeks, Trading View charts, and post-trade analytics through My Trade Story free of charge.

SAMCO’s Advanced Trading Tools:

1. My Trade Story: A Gateway for Post-Trade Analysis

  • Enables detailed post-trade analysis for insights into trade performance and potential improvements.
  • Aids traders in reviewing decisions and strategies, learning from both successes and losses.

2. Options Greeks at Every Trader’s Fingertips

  • Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega explained for effective options trading strategies.
  • Equips traders with crucial metrics to gauge directional exposure, manage risk, and optimize portfolios.

3. TradingView Charts to Monitor the Markets Real-Time

  • Integrated TradingView charts within SAMCO’s trading app for real-time market monitoring.
  • Provides advanced charting tools to enhance decision-making capabilities.


SAMCO Securities is revolutionizing the F&O trading experience for retail investors in India by providing free access to an array of sophisticated and advanced trading tools. By democratizing access to these tools, SAMCO is empowering every trader to tap into the full potential of the F&O market and addressing one of the key challenges faced by traders in this high-risk segment.

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