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Britain signs security agreement with Ukraine; announces increase in military aid

EconomyBritain signs security agreement with Ukraine; announces increase in military aid

Historic Security Agreement: UK Pledges £2.5 Billion Military Aid to Ukraine

In a momentous announcement during a surprise visit to Kyiv on Friday, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared a commitment of 2.5 billion British Pounds in military aid to Ukraine. This unexpected visit saw Sunak engage in discussions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, culminating in the signing of a landmark UK-Ukraine Agreement on Security Cooperation.

The historic agreement, described by Zelenskyy as a pivotal shift in European history, represents a tangible commitment to security cooperation between Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Zelenskyy emphasized that the agreement was not merely symbolic but a testament to the reality that would unfold through their collaboration, particularly with the security assurances provided by the influential global power, Great Britain.

Addressing the momentous occasion, Zelenskyy stated, “Today is the day the history of Europe has changed. Ukraine and the United Kingdom signed a new and unprecedented security agreement. This is not just a declaration. This is the reality that will happen due to our cooperation, and in particular due to the security guarantees from the considerable world power, Great Britain.”

Prime Minister Sunak, underscoring the enduring support of the United Kingdom for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, announced a substantial increase in assistance for the next financial year. The commitment stands at 2.5 billion pounds ($3.19 billion), reflecting a 200 million pounds increment from the previous two years.

The signed agreement is characterized by Zelenskyy as “unprecedented,” and it is slated to remain in effect until Kyiv formally joins the NATO military alliance. Given Ukraine’s reliance on Western military and financial aid since the Russian invasion in February 2022, this accord holds significant strategic importance.

Notably, the UK-Ukraine Agreement on Security Cooperation aligns with a prior commitment made by the Group of Seven nations, which pledged bilateral security guarantees to Ukraine. As part of Britain’s support, it has promised the largest delivery of drones to Ukraine from any nation, with the majority of these drones expected to be manufactured domestically in Britain.

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