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PM Modi launches ‘Swachh Mandir’ campaign ahead of Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration

IndiaPM Modi launches 'Swachh Mandir' campaign ahead of Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration

Ahead of the upcoming consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated the ‘Swachh Mandir’ (Clean Temple) campaign, aiming to make the holy city pristine. In a video shared on Instagram, PM Modi called upon citizens to unite in making Ayodhya the cleanest city in India. He urged people nationwide to kick off a cleanliness campaign at smaller pilgrimage sites starting from Makar Sankranti (January 14) and continuing until January 22.

Addressing the residents of Ayodhya, Prime Minister Modi said, “Get ready to welcome countless guests from India and around the world. People from across the nation will now visit Ayodhya regularly. Therefore, the residents of Ayodhya should take a pledge to make Ramnagari the cleanest city in India.”

“I urge people across the country to initiate a massive cleanliness campaign at all small and large pilgrimage sites from January 14, a week before the grand construction of the Ram temple, until January 22. Every temple should witness a cleanliness drive from January 14 to 22.”

Emphasizing the inclusive nature of the initiative, PM Modi remarked, “Lord Ram belongs to everyone. When Lord Ram is coming, not a single temple or pilgrimage site should remain untidy.”

The campaign will involve all elected representatives, including MPs, MLAs, and panchayat representatives, who will collaborate to ensure the success of the cleanliness drive. Party functionaries have been tasked with identifying places of worship where the campaign will be launched ahead of the consecration ceremony.

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