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Home Connectivity Alliance Announces HCA Energy Management Interface Specification 1.0 at CES 2024

IndiaHome Connectivity Alliance Announces HCA Energy Management Interface Specification 1.0 at CES 2024

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News Highlights:

  • The specification enables energy-efficient solutions within the connected home, resulting in real-world energy and cost savings for the consumer
  • Home Connectivity Alliance welcomes new members Hartford Steam Boiler and Midea Group
  • HCA members including LG, Samsung and Vestel announce new interop partnerships and devices, expanding the adoption of HCA’s “any app to any device” ecosystem

The Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA), an organization committed to advancing secure interoperability and energy efficiency across durable appliances, HVAC systems, and TVs within the connected home ecosystem, has officially unveiled the HCA Energy Management Specification 1.0. The announcement took place at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, during the event held from January 9 to 12, 2024.

Yoon Ho Choi, President of the Home Connectivity Alliance, emphasized the foundation of HCA Energy Management on the belief that appliance manufacturers, particularly those affiliated with the Home Connectivity Alliance, possess the expertise needed to assess the energy management capabilities of connected appliances. Choi stated, “Appliance manufacturers are well-suited to make decisions that prioritize user experience while delivering value to utilities and aggregators. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with our energy management partners to actualize savings and benefits for consumers.”

In 2023, Home Connectivity Alliance announced the HCA Interface Specification 1.0, establishing an industry standard for Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem, and setting the stage for HCA Energy Management.

HCA Energy Management enhances accessibility to crucial data from high-energy-consuming appliances, providing insights into power usage and optimization strategies. Members of the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) can empower consumers with information to utilize HCA technology effectively, leading to improved energy efficiency and cost savings.

In addition to this, the Home Connectivity Alliance has welcomed Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) and Midea Group as new members. HSB, a multi-line specialty insurer and service provider, offers a range of insurance coverages, including equipment breakdown, cyber risk, and specialty liability. As part of Munich Re, HSB is a leading provider of equipment breakdown insurance and inspection services in North America.

Midea Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer and major appliances, boasts an extensive product portfolio. Specializing in household and commercial appliances, Midea Group offers air conditioning, refrigeration, laundry, cooking, kitchen, water, vacuum, and small domestic appliances. The diverse range of brands under Midea Group includes globally recognized names such as Toshiba, Midea, Comfee’, Eureka, COLMO, Beverly, Vandelo, and Little Swan, spanning mass-market to premium products.

The specification will be available for public viewing on the HCA website and open sourced to HCA members. HCA membership is necessary for use of HCA specifications, to become a member, visit www.homeconnectivityalliance.org/membership.

Visit HCA Members at CES 2024

  • Eureka a Midea Brand: Venetian Expo, Halls A-D 52332
  • LG Electronics: LVCC, Tech East, Central Hall 16008
  • Resideo: Tech West, Venetian Expo, Titian 2201
  • Samsung Electronics: LVCC, Tech East, Central Hall 19608

Member Company Supporting Quotes


“Arçelik, a pivotal member of the HCA, is deeply devoted to advancing smart home technology, placing a specific emphasis on enhancing energy efficiency. Our dedication to creating and integrating compatible solutions for smart energy management underscores our prominent role in influencing the evolution of sustainable living. We firmly assert that the convergence of innovation and sustainability is not just a business necessity but a crucial catalyst for forging a more intelligent, environmentally friendly, and globally interconnected future for households. By actively participating in the HCA, we take satisfaction in playing a significant role in the transformative evolution of the connected home ecosystem, fostering seamless communication among a variety of smart devices.”

– Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO, Arçelik

Hartford Steam Boiler

“The concept of the ‘smart home’ is evolving and growing in complexity. HSB comprehends the intricate interplay between home systems and technology. Our unique perspective in this collaboration, merging engineering proficiency and a wealth of experience in equipment breakdown, perfectly complements HCA’s holistic approach to home systems. It is through our joint efforts as an alliance that we can chart the path to a more efficient and sustainable future.”

– John Riggs, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President Applied Technology Solutions for HSB

LG Electronics

“LG aims to take a prominent position in driving the ongoing development and progress of the smart home ecosystem. Our primary emphasis is on ensuring a smooth and effortless interoperability experience for everyday consumers, allowing them to fully capitalize on the advantages of a smart home. We eagerly anticipate the emergence of services and innovative business models that will further enhance the consumer experience.”

– Jung Ki-hyun, Executive Vice President and Head of Platform Business Center

Midea Group

“We are excited to participate in the Home Connectivity Alliance, actively contributing to the establishment of interoperability standards for connected homes. At Midea Group, our dedication lies in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that enrich the daily lives of our customers. Collaborating with other prominent manufacturers allows us to collectively shape a connected home experience that is seamless and user-friendly for consumers worldwide. We firmly believe that the Home Connectivity Alliance will play a pivotal role in defining the future of the smart home industry, and we are enthusiastic about our involvement in this transformative mission. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate utilizing the upcoming energy management specifications from HCA to foster increased collaboration with the energy sector, enabling consumers to save money while championing a more sustainable future for everyone.”

– Baker Bi, Head of International Intelligence, AI Innovation Center, Midea Group


“There are many large energy loads in the home, and it will take a joint effort across many industries to help build a resilient electric grid. Resideo and our grid services experts helped design the HCA energy management specification with this resiliency in mind, and we look forward to working with manufacturers to support critical energy shifting services on the cloud-to-cloud platform trusted by nearly 300 U.S. utility partners and appliance manufacturers.”

– Linsey Miller, HCA Board Director and SVP, Business Development and Strategic Marketing, Resideo


“Samsung is dedicated to upholding HCA’s vision of empowering consumers with flexibility and choice in overseeing their household appliances, televisions, and HVAC systems. Our appliances serve as integral components in homes, earning the trust of consumers for their daily use. We are excited about utilizing HCA’s specifications to introduce innovations that will tangibly enhance the lives of consumers. The recently introduced energy management specifications will open up new, untapped possibilities for collaboration with the energy industry, leading to cost savings for consumers and contributing to Samsung’s vision of creating more sustainable homes.”

– Moohyung Lee, Executive Vice President and Global Head of the Consumer Experience Team of the Device eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics


“At Trane and American Standard, our digital and engineering teams are actively recognizing equipment from HCA member companies and incorporating the 1.0 standards into our integration with these products. Expanding these functionalities will empower our customers to select when and how they engage with our products, establishing the groundwork for comprehensive home energy management in the years ahead.”

– Erin Joy, Vice President of Digital for Trane Technologies Residential HVAC and Supply


“At Vestel, we have integrated sustainability into all our processes as a part of the journey we set out on with the vision of becoming a technology company that makes life easier, manufactures accessible smart products and provides social and environmental benefits. Our goal is to achieve net zero across the entire value chain by 2050 and to develop solutions that meet the needs of a sustainable future.

Connectivity Alliance (HCA), an organization established in 2021 with the goal of providing consumers with a secure and interoperable connected ecosystem that offers more choices. As active members of HCA, we have engaged in collaborations with leading technology manufacturers worldwide to integrate smart products and applications. Building upon the communication infrastructure we have established, we are now embarking on a new project aimed at controlling energy consumption. This initiative reflects our commitment as prominent global technology manufacturers within the HCA, taking responsibility for addressing the global challenge of achieving a balance between energy production and consumption. With this strategic step, we are dedicated to shaping the future of our world. Moving forward, we will persist in our collaborative efforts with HCA to seamlessly integrate these solutions into the daily lives of consumers.”

– Ergün Güler, CEO, Vestel

About Home Connectivity Alliance

The Home Connectivity Alliance is a member-driven organization comprised of 17 global brands dedicated to the development and promotion of safe and secure interoperability and energy savings across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem. For more information, visit www.homeconnectivityalliance.org.

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