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BJP President Nadda spearheads ‘Swachh Mandir Abhiyan’ ahead of Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration

IndiaBJP President Nadda spearheads 'Swachh Mandir Abhiyan' ahead of Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration

In preparation for the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22, BJP national president JP Nadda has directed all state leaders to kickstart a cleanliness campaign named ‘Swachh Mandir Abhiyan.’ The initiative aims to ensure the cleanliness of temple surroundings and places of worship.

The top party leadership has dispatched letters to state leaders, urging them to organize dedicated cleanliness drives starting from January 14. Special awareness campaigns on cleanliness, involving people from all sections of society, are also part of the agenda.

Emphasizing the significance of the occasion, Nadda not only called for cleanliness drives but also urged state leaders to mark January 22 as Diwali by lighting earthen lamps. The comprehensive cleanliness campaign includes activities such as sweeping, raising awareness against plastic usage and ensuring the temple premises’ cleanliness using lime and clay.

The party’s national leadership has extended the directive to include special cleanliness campaigns at pilgrimage sites across states leading up to the grand temple opening. The focus will extend beyond temple premises to cover areas around temples and other places of worship.

To ensure a systematic approach, Nadda instructed state leaders to create comprehensive lists of locations for the cleanliness campaign. Active participation from MPs, MLAs, party officials, and workers is encouraged, with municipal bodies and other representatives also tasked with initiating cleanliness campaigns.

Key directives from Nadda include forming committees at state and district levels, inviting individuals from diverse sections of society to join the campaign, treating cleanliness as a movement from preparation to completion, uploading campaign photos on platforms like My Clean India and NaMo App, and conducting special publicity for awareness.

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