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Quectel Issues Further Cease and Desist Notice to Competitors for Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices

IndiaQuectel Issues Further Cease and Desist Notice to Competitors for Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices

Today, Quectel Wireless Solutions, a leading global provider of IoT solutions, issued a cease-and-desist letter to Cavli Wireless in San Jose, CA, USA. The letter demands an immediate halt to the dissemination of false accusations concerning Quectel and its IoT modules. Additionally, it calls for a retraction and disavowal of all misleading and defamatory statements and innuendos made by Cavli Wireless.

Norbert Muhrer, President and Chief Sales Officer of Quectel, commented on the situation, stating, “Once again, we have become aware of untrue and defamatory rumors circulated by our competitors to Quectel’s customers and potential customers. We are committed to robustly defending ourselves against any baseless claims and will not tolerate false and defamatory practices targeting Quectel and its customers.”

Quectel has taken steps to address misconceptions about its IoT module technology with U.S. government officials. The China Select Committee’s politically motivated statements about Quectel have been identified as largely incorrect. Emphasizing that Quectel’s modules do not pose any threat to national security or privacy, Muhrer affirmed their full compliance with U.S. laws, rules, and regulations. He also highlighted the collaboration with Finite State in setting new cybersecurity standards for their modules, further detailed in their reporting.

Furthermore, Quectel is actively working to counteract misinformation spread by competitors like Cavli Wireless. The company is dedicated to ensuring an accurate portrayal of its products.

About Quectel: Quectel is passionately driving IoT innovation to create a smarter world. As a highly customer-centric organization, it stands as a global IoT solutions provider supported by exceptional customer support and services. With a growing team of 5,900 professionals worldwide, Quectel leads the way in cellular, GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth modules, along with antennas and services. Its international leadership is committed to advancing IoT and contributing to the development of a smarter world, with regional offices and support spanning the globe.

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