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Jallikattu season to begin in Tamil Nadu on January 15

IndiaJallikattu season to begin in Tamil Nadu on January 15

The traditional event of Jallikattu, known as the bull-taming sport, is scheduled to commence in Tamil Nadu for three consecutive days starting January 15.

The planned events will take place in Avaniyapuram on the 15th, Palamedu on the 16th, and Alanganallur on the 17th, as officially announced by Madurai District Collector, M.S Sangeetha.

Anticipation is growing among bull owners who proudly uphold the enduring legacy of Jallikattu for generations. Bulls under their care undergo specialized training, including swimming. In preparation for this cultural event, people have painted their houses afresh to begin the centuries-old practice.

Jallikattu forms an integral part of the Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu. The event entails releasing a bull into a confined space, amidst a crowd, challenging participants to grab its hump and attempting to halt its movement.

Recognizing the potential risks of injuries to both participants and bulls, animal rights organizations called for a ban on the sport. However, following widespread protests, in May 2023, the Supreme Court upheld the law enacted by the Tamil Nadu government, thereby allowing the continuation of Jallikattu in the state

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