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Indian naval warship reaches hijacked vessel, issues warning to pirates

IndiaIndian naval warship reaches hijacked vessel, issues warning to pirates

In a remarkable turn of events on the open seas, the Indian naval warship INS Chennai promptly responded to a hijacking attempt on the MV Lila Norfolk off the coast of Somalia.

According to military officials, INS Chennai issued a warning to the pirates onboard, urging them to abandon the vessel. Additionally, the Indian warship dispatched its helicopter, with the elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS) on standby for potential operations. Notably, all Indian crew members aboard MV Lila Norfolk have been confirmed safe.

Earlier reports indicated that the merchant vessel MV Lila Norfolk was hijacked by pirates 300 nautical miles east of Somalia while en route from Port Du Aco in Brazil to Khalifa Bin Salman in Bahrain.

The Indian Navy’s Mission Deployed Platforms swiftly responded to the hijacking attempt on the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier after receiving a message on the UKMTO portal about the boarding by approximately five to six unknown armed personnel on Thursday evening, as stated by the Indian Navy.

In reaction to the situation, the Indian Navy deployed a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and redirected INS Chennai, engaged in maritime security operations, to aid the vessel.

On Friday morning, the aircraft conducted a flyover of the vessel and established contact, confirming the safety of the crew.

As the situation unfolds, this naval operation underscores the significance of maintaining robust security measures in critical maritime corridors, especially those susceptible to piracy. The incident further highlights the proactive role of the Indian Navy in safeguarding the safety and security of seafarers navigating through strategic waters.

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