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Prime Minister’s Address ahead of the Parliamentary Session

IndiaPrime Minister's Address ahead of the Parliamentary Session

In a recent address, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the remarkable achievements and aspirations of India as the nation embarked on a new journey, symbolized by the commencement of the parliamentary session. Against the backdrop of these accomplishments, the PM emphasized the significance of this session in shaping India’s path to becoming a developed country by 2047.

The Prime Minister commenced his address by celebrating the success of India’s Moon Mission, Chandrayaan-3. The mission not only raised the tricolor flag high but also marked the creation of the Shivshakti Point, a source of inspiration for all Indians. This achievement was a testament to India’s prowess in modern science and technology, opening doors to countless possibilities and opportunities on the global stage.

Highlighting India’s global presence, the Prime Minister recalled the recent G-20 summit, where leaders from over 60 countries gathered. India, as the voice of the Global South, played a pivotal role during this international gathering. The announcement of permanent membership for the African Union within the G-20, with unanimous support, demonstrated India’s commitment to promoting global unity and cooperation.

The Prime Minister spoke about Yashobhumi’s transformation into an international convention center. This development, coinciding with Vishwakarma Jayanti, celebrated the diverse talents of the Vishwakarma community and their contributions to India’s development journey. It underscored the role of traditional skills, modern tools, and economic management in India’s growth.

A New Parliament Building, a New Beginning

The session of Parliament, though brief, carries immense significance as India marks 75 years of independence. This session marks the beginning of a new journey towards making India a developed country by 2047. The decisions made in the new Parliament building will shape this ambitious path. The Prime Minister called upon all honorable members to seize this opportunity, immerse themselves in the spirit of enthusiasm, and utilize this short session wisely.

The Prime Minister concluded his address by drawing a parallel between Ganesh Chaturthi and India’s development journey. Lord Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles, symbolizes the nation’s determination to overcome challenges. With an unwavering resolve and determination, India is poised to realize its dreams and aspirations in an obstacle-free environment.

In essence, the Prime Minister’s address set the tone for a short but crucial parliamentary session, emphasizing the importance of unity, innovation, and collective effort in shaping India’s future. As the nation celebrates its achievements and traditions, it also looks forward to a promising future guided by the goal of becoming a developed nation by 2047.

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