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Quectel Showcases Latest IoT Modules and Antennas at Electronica India

IndiaQuectel Showcases Latest IoT Modules and Antennas at Electronica India

Business Wire India

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, today announced that it will be exhibiting its latest IoT modules and antennas at Electronica India 2023, taking place September 13-15, 2023, at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. Electronica India is India’s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications.

In recent years, smart homes have undergone a remarkable transformation, with Quectel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules emerging as the essential building blocks of this technological revolution. These industry leading Quectel modules have seamlessly integrated into modern smart homes, providing unparalleled connectivity, ease of use and control. Quectel is proud to showcase the capabilities of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® modules at Electronica India, where we will present a series of on-stand demonstrations featuring modules such as FC41D, FCM100D, FLM040D, and FLM40D. These modules collectively usher in a new era of convenience and efficiency, redefining the smart home landscape.

Further demonstrations will include applications that showcase a wide range of Quectel modules and the Quectel QuecPython solution. QuecPython stands as a purpose-built runtime environment, uniquely engineered to cater to the demands of the Internet of Things (IoT). This integration further streamlines the application, offering customers the flexibility to adapt our modules to meet their precise requirements. This commitment to security is fortified by robust network identity authentication and data encryption measures, ensuring protection for r IoT solutions.

“We find ourselves in an exceptionally thrilling era for cellular IoT with the expansion of networks across India,” remarked Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Electronica India 2023 event, we are excited to showcase our advancements in IoT modules and adjacent technologies including antennas. This event serves as a crucial platform for us to demonstrate how these innovations are poised to revolutionize connectivity and empower various industries with transformative solutions.”

At booth EG05 in Hall 5, Quectel will showcase its broad portfolio of 5G, LTE-A, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and GNSS modules optimized for IoT and automotive applications.

  • 5G – Explore Quectel’s first-to-market 5G module line-up at the upcoming exhibition, featuring the complete range of modules, including the recently unveiled RedCap (Reduced Capability) modules, also referred to as NR-Light. The Rx255C series is meticulously crafted on Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s Snapdragon® X35 5G Modem-RF System, delivering outstanding wireless performance and enabling low-latency communication through 5G technology. Additionally, these modules bring notable enhancements in terms of size, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, ushering in a new era of connectivity innovation.
  • Smart Modules – Quectel presents a diverse and all-encompassing portfolio of smart IoT modules, featuring extensive product families that cater to various deployment regions, offering a wide array of interfaces and connection options. At the upcoming showcase, Quectel is excited to present a range of smart modules, spanning from entry-level solutions to high-end offerings, demonstrating Quectel’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of every IoT application.
  • WiFi HaLow – Introducing the FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module, a cutting-edge addition to our product line-up. This module brings forth a host of advantages, including long-range data transmission, minimal power consumption, simplified complexity, and enhanced signal penetration through obstacles and walls. These attributes make it the perfect choice for a wide spectrum of IoT applications. The FGH100M leverages the power of the IEEE 802.11ah wireless networking protocol, commonly referred to as Wi-Fi HaLow. Operating within the unlicensed Sub-1 GHz frequency range, it aligns seamlessly with the distinct requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT), opening up new possibilities for efficient and reliable connectivity solutions.
  • GNSS – Quectel will presents an expansive range of ultra-compact and energy efficient GNSS modules tailored to meet a diverse range of requirements during Electronica India. These modules cover various precision levels, including standard precision, high precision, dead reckoning, and timing. They serve as essential components in a wide array of applications, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, unmanned aerial vehicles, and smart agriculture. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to explore modules such as the LC29T, LC29H, L89H, and more, gaining valuable insights into their capabilities.

Quectel is also thrilled to present its latest array of leading antenna solutions, encompassing high-performance options available in both embedded and external configurations, meticulously designed to meet a diverse spectrum of applications, mounting preferences, combinations, and environmental prerequisites. Visitors to the booth can look forward to exploring an impressive line-up, including the 5G YE0007AA, 4G/LTE YE0013CA, Wi-Fi/BT YF0026AA, and GNSS YC0013AAEVB antennas, all of which demonstrate Quectel’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions.

About Quectel

Quectel’s passion for a smarter world drives us to accelerate IoT innovation. A highly customer-centric organization, we are a global IoT solutions provider backed by outstanding support and services. Our growing global team of 5,900 professionals sets the pace for innovation in cellular, GNSS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules as well as antennas and services.

With regional offices and support across the globe, our international leadership is devoted to advancing IoT and helping build a smarter world.

For more information, please visit: www.quectel.com, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly known as Twitter).

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